Orc Eye of Gruumsh

Medium Humanoid (Orc).


When an Orc slays an elf in Gruumsh’s name and offers the corspse of its foe as a sacrifice to the god of slaughter, an aspect of the god might appear. This aspect demands an additional sacrifice: 1 of the Orc’s eyes, symbolizing the loss Gruumsh suffered at the hands of his greatest enemy, Corellon Larethian.

If the orc plucks out 1 of its eyes, Gruumsh might grant the orc spellcasting ability and special favor, along with the right to call itself and Eye of Gruumsh. When not using their auguries to advise their war chiefs, these savage devotees of the god of slaughter hurl themselves into battle, their weapons stained with blood.

Orc Eye of Gruumsh

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