Red Larch Elders

The Red Larch town elders are the richest people in the town. They advise Constable Harburk, guide town affairs which usually means in their own best interests, if any of those who talk about them can be believed. The party’s investigations have revealed that some, if not all, of the town elders are also engaged in a secret faction called “The Believers” and are involved in murder and some kind of grisly sacrificial ritual.

The town elders are:

Elak Dornen (page 26). Owner of Dornen Quarry (25) and his family business Dornen Finestone (12). The de facto leader of the town elders. He is stern and inflexible, with a deep, commanding voice.

Ilmeth Waelvur (page 27). Owner of Waelvur’s Wagonworks (16). Hard-drinking and sullen, universally disliked.

Albaeri Mellikho (page 28). Owner of Mellikho Stoneworks (18) and the quarry pit behind her business (24). Albaeri is a pot bellied and usually jovial “whirlwind”.

Ulhro Luruth (page 28). Runs Luruth’s Tannery (19), has no sense of smell, not too bright and talks too much.

Aerego Bethendur (page 28). Runs a storage place called Bethendur’s Storage (20), and is generally considered to be good hearted.

(numbers in brackets relate to the Red Larch map).

Red Larch Elders

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