Compendium of Xygag

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

This magical tome is bound in black leather, and bears the images of horrible beasts painted on its cover. The compendium is immense and cluttered with bookmarks, dog-eared pages, and inserted leafs of paper. Its pages hold complex diagrams and descriptions of monsters; these include their habitat, diets, natural defenses, and abilities. While you are attuned to the compendium, you have advantage on Intelligence checks made to identify creatures.

While in sight of a creature, you may use an action to reference its species in the compendium. Doing so allows you to learn one of the following aspects about it:

  • The creature’s damage vulnerabilities, immunities, and
  • The creature’s highest and lowest saving throw.
  • If the creature is a spellcaster (or innate spellcaster).
  • One of the creature’s actions that is not a weapon attack.

The compendium can be used in this manner multiple times, but only once per turn. Each use requires a separate action.

Compendium of Xygag

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