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  • Redbrands

    [[File:456787 | class=media-item-align-none | rogue-1.jpg]] The Redbrands are a group of petty [[Thug | thugs]] and ruthless enforcers skilled at intimidation and violence. They work for money and have no scruples. This band of ruffians, local to [[ …

  • Organizations

    [[File:473966 | class=media-item-align-none | Factions.jpg]] h3. Major Factions * [[Harpers]] * [[The Zhentarim]] * [[The Lord's Alliance]] * [[The Emerald Enclave]] * [[Order of the Gauntlet]] h3. Minor Organizations * [[The Delegation of …

  • Cragmaw Tribe

    The Cragmaws are a tribe who operate in and around the edge of the [[Neverwinter Wood]]. Raiding caravans along the [[Triboar Trail | Triboar Trail]]. They've mutilated themselves by sharpening their teeth into jagged, pointy razor-like fangs.

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