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  • Duergar

    [[File:457176 | class=media-item-align-none | Duergar_4e.jpg]] [[Beastiary | Back to Beastiary]] [[File:478086 | class=media-item-align-none | 353x384px | Duergar.jpg]]

  • Rockseeker Brothers

    It was _*Grudren*_ who hired the adventurers to protect [[:elmar-barthen | Barthen's]] supplies as they traveled along the [[Triboar Trail | Triboar Trail]] to [[Phandalin | Phandalin]]. On his way back to [[Phandalin | Phandalin]], _*Gundren*_ and his …

  • King Torhild Flametongue

    Long ago, the dwarf god Moradin appeared atop the [[Stone Bridge | Stone Bridge]] to rally dwarves of the Ironstar clan against a horde of [[Orc | orcs]]. The founder of [[Besilmer]], King Torhild Flametongue, died fighting a [[Hill Giant | hill giant]] …

  • [X] Threx Stoneheart

    I had a normal dwarven childhood until at the age of eight. My father enrolled me in the military academy for youths, the last thing my father told me was I could come back once I’m a great warrior and hero. That was the last time i saw my family. I …

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