#2 Out of the Cave, and Into the Basement

We woke the next morning, refreshed and were greeted by the glowing rays of the rising sun. Slowly each member of the party made their way downstairs for breakfast. The common room was basically deserted through breakfast and after finishing the team headed outside.

Almost instantly, as if they had been waiting for us, we were surrounded by a band of Redbrands. They tried to threaten us and told us to leave our things and walk away. However, we decided our possessions would remain our possessions and politely declined the brigands offer. Alyriia demonstrated our kind refusal by stabbing the spokesman, instanly killing him. Threx then expressed his determination by walking toward the approaching mob, and hurling his hand ax into the side of another Redbrand. The Redbrands decided to dispute our decision and drew swords. One lashed out at Threx barely skimming his arm. Gribendr then reached out and smash his warhammer into another brigand. Cassie, being very cautious to not hit her companions, cast a fire bolt, sending it hurling towards the group but just missing. Rahm transformed into a direwolf, then turned toward the mob. He lunged forward and snapped his jaws into a foe, continuing to ravish him with tooth and claw. Alyriia ran to another unsuspecting criminal and stabbed him, leaving him crumpled on the ground. Threx and Rahm quickly dispatched two more, Rahm viciously ripping out the throat of his victim. Alyriia then stabbed the last living foe in the arm. With the Redbrand’s arm useless, Threx decided it best to keep him alive and with a sharp rap to the head rendered him unconscious.

So after vanquishing the band of thugs we left them in the streets as a message. Threx retrieved the bloody cloaks and returned to the Stonehill Inn, cloaks in hand. Toblin looked pleasantly surprised to see his new friends already delivering on their promise to deal with the Redbrands. He sent us to the Townmaster, Harbin Wester. Threx led the way, carrying the Redbrand hostage on his shoulder. Rahm followed behind, jabbing the unconscious man who had stolen his customary seat.

Bursting from the Townmaster’s Hall, a clearly upset Halia Thornton ran into the party. Literally. She offered a reward of 100 gp for the death of the Redbrand leader known as GlassStaff. As Alyriia made careful note of the potential reward the party continued inside. There we found Sildar speaking with the Townmaster. Sildar introduced us as the adventures who would destroy the Redbrands, and promised a 200 gp reward for ridding the town of the evil thugs.

The Townmaster, however, was not so quick to offer a reward. Gribendr attempted to persuade him that the elimination of the Redbrands was surely worth some reward but was instead shown a parchment offering a reward of 100 gp. Not for Redbrands but for the killing of the orcs that harassed the roads by Wyvern Tor. Gribendr was not distracted by the new bounty and was able to bargain with the Townmaster, convincing him to give us a deal that would assure us good prices with all of the merchants and townsfolk. Some of the group, not being as trusting as Gribendr (and believing the Townmaster to be a liar) had him create a contract stating the terms of our agreement.

While waiting on the contract to be drafted, Threx decided to wake up our hostage. Gribendr, being a Dragonborn, stepped in front of the man and menacingly asked him “Where is your leader?” The hostage was quick to answer that the Redbrands were in Tresendar Manor, to the east, in the basement. He explained how they were nothing before GlassStaff showed up. Since he had arrived the Redbrands had essentially taken over the town. But now, Bugbears, under the orders of The Black Spider, had been sent to ensure that the Redbrands stayed in line.

Gribendr asked him about the layout of the Redbrand’s base. The prisoner told us that Glasstaff’s chambers are located in the West, and that the lower complex was guarded by an “eye monster.” Gribendr continued to press about how to enter the manor, and finally received the information that there was a secret entrance to the south, in the forest. When the prisoner mentioned that the Redbrand’s still held townspeople captive in their dungeon Gribendr lost his patience with the man and knocked him unconscious once again.

Saldir the pulled the group aside, and he warned us that only a short few months ago Iarno Albrek, a fellow member of The Lord’s Alliance, came to Phandalin to deal with the Redbrands. The Redbrands were not a serious threat to the town at that time. Iarno had been in town a few days and then disappeared. Around the same time GlassStaff had become known and the Redbrands began to terrorize the town.

The group decided to leave their hostage in the hands of Saldir and head out to the manor to deal with the Redbrand threat. We did make sure to have Harbin Wester sign the contract before we departed the hall, just in case.

Outside, we start towards the woodworker’s house. He was the first person to attempt to stand up to the Redbrands after GlassStaff arrived and he was the first townsman killed by the thugs. As we looked around his home, we hoped to find any clues that might tell us what the Redbrands were after.

Right before entering the house, they hear a locking of doors nearby, They look over to see Linene Graywind closing the doors of The Lionshield Coster for good. They recognize the Blue Lion symbol hanging over the door as the same symbol on the crates and barrels they found previously in Goblin’s cave. Meushi wanders over, to discuss any “finders fee” for the discovery of the stolen goods. Rahm comes over to help, making the conversation very interesting. Linene, having been slightly mislead by Rahm’s tale of what happened, mistakenly believes Rahm’s name to be “Klarg.” She is so overly excited to have found her lost goods, that she wants to tell everyone of Klargs good deeds. Meushi is quick to explain who Klarg is, and Linene quickly apologizes for the confusion. She thanks Rahm, and gives him all her coin, 50 gp, which he splits among the party.

Turning back towards the woodworkers house, they enter cautiously. Looking around, finding nothing of interest on the floor, walls, or even a secret compartment Alyriia was able to point out, they turn to leave. Right above the door they see words carved into the wall “these puppies’ bark was worse than their bite.” Rahm quickly glances one more time at the empty home, to find a nice chunk of mahogany wood he decided to take to carve into a nice pipe.

After coming up empty handed at the woodworkers house, they decide to wait until nightfall to sneak their way into the mansion. The group finds themselves, once again, at the Stonehill Inn enjoying a few more ales, on the house.

Night came quickly, and the group made their way out once again. Discovering a worn path, hidden among the dense forest to the south of the Manor. Following the path they came across an opening in the cliff-side.

Alyriia snuck in first, and was able to glance around, letting everyone know there were three possible routes to take after entering. Everyone decided it best to go left first, then make our way around.

Shortly after entering a narrow hallway, we come across a fork, with a door on either side. Mumbled voices were heard towards the south. Alyriia leaned in to try and hear better, only to make out something yelling “dance.” When she tried to pry the door open just a crack, the hinges let out a crisp creaking, alerting the three Bugbears inside. Thinking quickly, Alyriia lets out an arrow right before Girbendr, Rahm, and Thrax file into the crowded room, startling a small Goblin who wet himself then passed out. Rahm turned into a Direwolf, taking up much of the enclosed space, blocking the entrance. Alyriia spotted something shimmer out of the corner of someone else’s eye. A jeweled eyepatch worn by one of the Bugbears, she quickly enacted the ancient ritual of “dibs.” Meanwhile Cassie was able to squeeze in, next to Rahm, and was able to kill one of the brutes with her Frost Bolt. Slowly but surely, one by one the bugbears were taken down. Leaving one helpless, unconscious, Goblin who smelt of urine, laying in the middle of the room.

It takes a minute, but the Goblin regains consciousness and looks around to see a strange group of characters standing on the corpses of the Bugbears who were, only moments ago, forcing him to dance. Overjoyed seeing the monsters dead on the ground, and with some powerful persuasion by Gribendr, the Goblin introduces himself as Droop and thanks the “unlikely group.”

We see no threat from this goblin, so we boarded up the only door, to rest, and talk with this new found Goblin known as “Droop.” He seems to be almost completely useless with directions, however helpful when naming things, such as an Eye Monster who protects the Dungeon, and where GlassStaff is located.

After feeling refreshed by their short rest, they unboard the door and continue north towards the other doorway. Quickly noticing all of the torches, only a short time ago were lit, were now without even a trace of smoke left on them. Cautiously, Alyriia opens the north doorway. Inside sit a group of Redbrands around a table. Droop, wanting to help his new groupies, insisted he have a weapon. Girbendr lent him a hand ax. Bursting inside, Rahm, once again turning into a direwolf rips out a throat or two, leaving bodies lifeless on the ground. Droop runs in and tried his very best, missing one man, Threx deflecting several blows that certainly would have spelled the end for Droop. Very pleased with his help, Droop then smashed his ax into the head of an already dead victim. Seemingly very proud of his attempts he looked towards the group for approval. The last man standing, looking more dead than alive, one arm across the room, kept alive for questioning. Alyriia pulls her dagger and holds it to his throat, threatening him for answers. The man, with no fear in his eyes, tilted his head forward, slitting his own throat, bleeding out, lifeless on the floor. The Group is left in shock…..


Zenkall Bengeance

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