Gladius Vindicta

These are the tales of mighty heroes who have done much to protect our lands and people. The six companions, known as Gladius Vindicta, have defeated heinous evil, saved the innocent, and ensured that their names will be remembered long after they have passed. The tales collected here represent the recollections of the heroes themselves and the stories told in the towns and cities they owe them so much. Here you will learn about Alyriia bryn’Zaurret, the mysterious Drow rogue and assassin who could hide in the shadow of a broomstick at noon. You will know Gribendr Drvaas, the Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut whose faith could mend the deepest wounds and see the will of the gods in the falling of a bird. You will be amazed by Meushi Zanarei the Tiefling sorcerer who commanded magic so wild it could strike down the deadliest foe or banish herself to another plane. You will be smitten by Cassandra Lockhart the Human sorcerer who’s shy quiet demeanor hid her determination to find the father she lost. You will laugh with Rahm Whisperleaf the Halfling druid whose daring was only exceeded by the trouble it got him in. And you will understand Threx Stoneheart the Dwarf warrior who sacrificed himself again and again to protect his friends and companions.

Fate’s hand is only perceived in the past but clearly the good gods knew what was to come when these stout champions were thrown together in the most unlikely of circumstances. For what else could have brought such a varied group together near the small town of Phandalin.



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