Gribendr's Extras


Owlbear charmprotection from diseases
Needed – 3-5 owlbear feathers, 1 owlbear claw, twine; the claw must be soaked in holy water for 1 day

Hippogriff charmimproves eyesight (Perception +1?)
Needed – Hippogriff eye, clear glass vial, blessed oil

Kobold charmgives darkvision (30 ft); if worn in daylight gives disadvantage to perception (sight)
Needed – Kobold horn x2; must be worn against the skin;

Giant Badger tooth braceletEnhances resolution (maybe +1 to CON saving throws?)
Needed – 10 giant badger teeth; badger hide string; 8 holy beads or stones (10gp);

Boar’s tongue charmEnhances charge (maybe +5ft to Charge distance?)
Needed – 1 boar tongue (dried and preserved with blessed salt); must be worn to get effect; when used the tongue will exude a foul odor that gives disadvantage on Stealth checks for 30 minutes

Bear’s paw charmEnhances knowledge and perception in forests (maybe +1 to Nature/Perception checks in forest?)
Needed – 1 bear paw (dried or bones); must be worn with a silver chain (10 gp); Must cast Enhance Ability daily for 3 days to imbue the charm with power.

Giant Frog toe charmEnhances swimming ability (Swimming movement +5ft?)
Needed – Giant frog toe; clear glass vial; dirt from holy ground and holy water;

Giant Scorpion stinger charmProvides protection against poison (Poison resistance?)
Needed – Giant Scorpion stinger; Holy runes of protection carved into it (must cast Protection from Poison spell on the item for 7 consecutive days)

Giant Spider fang charmProvides improved movement when climbing or crawling (May move at full speed 1-2x daily when climbing or crawling)
Needed – 2 x Giant spider fangs; must be worn on each leg; must come from a spider you killed; (1x daily – Must cast Enhance Ability on charm 3 consecutive days; 2x daily must cast Freedom of Movement 3 consecutive days)

Lion’s paw charmProvides an aura of nobility and grandeur (+1 to CHA checks for Lawful or Good actions)
Needed – 1 lion’s paw (dried or bones); claws must be silvered (~30 pieces of silver consumed; 20gp cost); must be made by a Cleric or Acolyte of a Lawful Good deity; Must cast Bless on charm for 7 consecutive days


In general, Gribendr has learned that mixing powdered bone from a natural predator will help heal wounds caused by a beast. Example, wounds caused by a giant boar could be healed faster with powdered wolf’s teeth or claws.

Also, if a beast has no natural predators then using the eyes of a natural prey species will improve the healing of wounds caused by that beast. Example, a wolf’s bite could be healed faster with rabbit eyes mixed into the poultice.

If these kinds of items are available then I think a +1 to amounts healed with a healer’s kit would be reasonable. This should all just be folk medicine things that provide a little benefit appropriate to village healers trying to help their neighbors.

Gribendr’s Superstitions

  • Seeing an owl during the day is an omen of dangerous weather
  • Fog that lasts until midday means that ominous events are taking place
  • Seeing a rabid animal is a sign that you will soon face a difficult choice
  • Rain at dawn means you will get bad news before the week is out
  • If you spill a drink before you have finished your meal it means that someone is plotting against you
  • If a candle in your room blows out suddenly it means you will soon meet a friend
  • If a tree near you is struck by lightning it means the gods are soon going to send you a challenge to face
  • Unexpected riches will draw evil spirits to you
  • Seeing lightning without rain means you have done something to offend the gods and must repent
  • If you tie up your horse facing east, you will have good luck tomorrow

Gribendr's Extras

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