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  • The Black Barnacle

    Lanegan's most popular Tavern. Packed full of passing adventurers, frequenting traders, and local gossips.[[File:431710 | class=media-item-align-right | Tavern.jpg]]

  • The Sleeping Giant

    A ramshackle taproom at the East end of town. The dirty, dangerous watering hole at the end of [[Phandalin | Phandalin's]] main street is frequented by [[Redbrands | Redbrand thugs]].

  • The Helm at Highsun

    Right across the Long Road from [[The Swinging Sword]] Inn stands a ramshackle two-story tavern. Rusty metal grills cover its small, dirty windows. The tavern's name is very clearly printed in large, simple letters on both sides of a jutting wooden sign. …

  • Gaelkur's

    _"Come for the wares, and the Beautiful hairs."_ This seedy wooden building serves as [[Red Larch | Red Larch's]] used tools and goods shop, its barber, and an unofficial second tavern for locals. Inside is a cluttered shop full of lounging customers - …

  • The Wink and Kiss

    The Wink and Kiss is a large tavern staffed by a dozen dancers, servers, and cooks (all [[Commoner | Commoners]]) protected by 2 human [[Thug | Thugs]] who serve as bouncers. Everybody working in the Wink and Kiss is friendly toward the Hand of Yartar, …

  • Marlandro Gaelkur

    Marlandro is the shopkeeper and barber at [[Gaelkur's]]. He is a skilled engraver and was once a jeweler's assistant in [[Baldur's Gate]], making mountings for stones and entire rings. Lately every wild tale of odd and suspicious things that have been …

  • Justran Daehl

    One of the owners of [[The Helm at Highsun | The Helm at Highsun]], along with his business partner [[:garlen-harlathurl | Garlen Harlathurl]]. Justran is the cellarer (ale buyer) of [[The Helm at Highsun | The Helm at Highsun]].

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