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  • Alderleaf Family

    Though a pragmatic farmer, _*Qelline*_ seems to know everything that goes on in town. _*Carp*_ is enchanted by the idea of one day becoming an adventurer himself.

  • Stannor Thistlehair

    Stannor is a carpenter who works at [[Waelvur's Wagonworks]]. Stannor is a sneaky and unpleasant fellow, but if bribed to talk, tells the adventurers that he's seen his boss [[:ilmeth-waelvur | Ilmeth Waelvur]] disappear into a hidden tunnel in the back …

  • [X] Rahm Whisperleaf

    As a young one I showed an unusual affinity for nature and the animals that lay within. Growing up in a small hunting village I was exposed to the life and teachings of tracking, killing and dressing of game. We used the furs for clothes and trade, while …

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