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  • Alderleaf Family

    Though a pragmatic farmer, _*Qelline*_ seems to know everything that goes on in town. _*Carp*_ is enchanted by the idea of one day becoming an adventurer himself.

  • Dellmon Family

    h3. *Dellmon Family* *Kerbin Dellmon*, patriarch of the Dellmmon family, refused to leave his home despite the fact that his family is in danger and might have been safer retreating to [[Yartar]]. He's determined to stay and fight, and nothing anyone …

  • Nettlebee Family

    * The Nettlebee patriarch, *Wiggan Nettlebee* is a miserly, cantankerous misanthrope and bitter widower. * Wiggan's only son, *Bertram* (a [[Cult Fanatic]]), is set in his ways and full of bluster. * Bertram's heir and oldest child, at 23, *Watson* (a …

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