#16 A Voice from the Past

Noises outside the Inn

Party woken up, along with a new strange face the party hasn’t seen before

to the Town square

Gundren arguing with Sildar. Shoving him, crowd has gathered.
Gribender discharges the situation

As the townsfolk surrounding the argument begin to disperse, Ander (the little boy who works for Barthen) approaches Gribendr and tells him that when the deliveries were being made, one of the men dropped a card, he handed to Gribendr and it was a small image with one word “Gaelkur” written in the middle. Barthen stood nearby.

Scream from the Shrine of Luck!

Alyriia sprints for the doors to see a large green cloak floating before the altar

fires an arrow, and either side of the cloak open up as a pair of spectral figures dart straight towards Alyriia

Gribendr enters the shrine, spies Rahm’s head pinned to the altar by an arrow. Quickly attacked by TWO spectral bodies

Green cloak floats through the wall of the shrine, drops its hood. no head. Lets out a shrill moan.

Alyriia, Cassie, and Lothar drop to the ground unconscious.

Rahm head, arrow, note:
_”You have been nothing but a problem since your arrival to Phandalin. In your arrogance you have slain my Redbrands, gutted the whelp Iarno, and disbanded the tribe of goblins who pledged allegiance to me. Despite all your insubordination, you have my thanks. For in addition to clearing numerous undead from the mine, you have disposed of the Forge’s guardian. And for that I thank you.

As a token of my appreciation I give you this warning: The Dwarf dies at dusk.

Leave him to his fate, or risk your extinction. It matters not to me. But know you don’t stand a chance with your diminished numbers, and never forget that your insolence WILL NOT be forgiven.”_

To the mine with Gundren, Sildar, and newcomer Lothar.

Gundren finds his brother Tharden near the entrance.

Alyriia tells him to return his brother’s body to town, and he agrees under 1 condition: They promise to bring his other brother out of the Mine. Alive or Dead.

to the Forge of Spells



Items back in the flames

Alyriia checks out the 2nd structure within this cavern

Dark whisps of spectral energy rise up from the ground
Alyriia peaces out

back to the Smelting cavern (where the flameskull was)

to the locked door Meushi investigated earlier.

Alyriia hears numerous Bugbear voices on the other side, as she unlocks it. Slowly, gently, she opens it, but it seems to be stuck. Something on the other side of the door stopping it from opening.

Group circles round

Underground lake w/ skeleton

Wand of Magic Missile

To a door, with bugbears inside, Alyriia cracks it open to see many bugbears on the inside, along with a door on the opposite side blocked by all manner of crates, and junk.



More Bugbears than Alyriia thought

Gribendr holding the line, keeping their numbers halted at a choke point.

Cloud of Daggers

Big Bugbear runs to back door and begins throwing the crates aside.

They close the door.

Group tries to open it, being held shut.

Party attacks the door, hitting bugbears holding it shut.

Door finally opens, back door open, big bugbear gone but several bugbears remain.

Fight continues, briefly.

Alyriia takes off out the back to begin tracking the Big Bugbear, the party chasing after her, but not nearly as quick.

South from the Smelting forge room, South from the 3-tiered room where the party fought off all those ghouls, circling around the mine, through the maze of tunnels where the party had slain the Ochre Jellies, and North to the underground lake the party was at only minutes ago, and as the bugbear approaches the room full of his slain bugbear brethren, he continues to run North. Disappearing behind a large pair of wooden doors.

Alyriia makes it to the door before the rest of her party catches up with her. She takes these few moments of silence to press her ear against the door, hearing several voices behind. Bugbears quarreling with each other, and another voice she hasn’t heard since she was in the Underdark. The voice of her old mentor…

#15 That Sinking Feeling

Forge of Spells
Long Rest
+1 Magic Weapons / Armor
Threx uncomfortable in new armor, re-equips his own Scale-mail
Gribendr’s Owl Familiar scouts the cave
North to a stinking underground lake
bones, slime
Continues through small riverbed passage to a cavern with a bridge. No visible bottom, and 3 Bugbears hanging off of ropes, mining into the far side of the chasm.
Owl flies back
Party heads North
Alyriia scouts their backs, to make sure they’re not being followed, or the like.
Party goes down a flight of stairs, stepping in a thick slime that smells worse than the already pungent smell of decay throughout the mine.
Walking over a pile of bones, begin crossing a dried up aqueduct. Large bones further down the aqueduct.
Threx begins helping people up the other side
Bones begin shifting
crossed channel: in channel: helping down with rope:
Alyriia, Rahm, Cassie || Threx, Meushi || Gribendr

Skeletons rise up
Rahm Brown Bear
Bone Minotaur rises from the larger bones down channel, and charges Threx and Meushi. Threx stands strong with his shield, Meushi goes flying off the edge of the cliff into the lake below
Skeletons dead. Minotaur defeated.
Thunderous echo heard as water rises in cavern. Swallowing up the path the party was walking along, and Cassie, Meushi, and __ feel something wrap around them, and rip them towards the lake.
Threx climbs up the bones of the minotaur to higher ground, so he’s not underwater, weighed down by his heavy armor.
Alyriia, Cassie, Rahm, and ___ Gribendr? all begin feeling a sickening feeling deep in the pits of their stomaches, as their owlbear charms burst releasing an energy from them and they are able to shake off the disease as they continue being pulled underwater by the creature before them.
Threx, SLAMS his battleaxe into the beast a few more times, before pulling out a horn (full of his Boom-powder) and what looked like a glass orb full of a swirling smoke, as he leapt from where he was standing. Slamming into the creature, as the weight of the dwarf, with all his supplies, and his heavy armor/weapons sank them both immediately. The others felt the tentacles gripping them release from the shock of the blow.
Moments later an underwater explosion shook the whole cavern. And the water level receded.
Rahm dove down, pushing himself downward as quick as his halfling body would allow. Deeper and deeper he swam, til he felt his own lungs burning with their need for oxygen. He came to an underwater shelf, leveling off for several feet before continuing downward. Upon that shelf lie the shield of his Dwarven friend.
Rahm grabbed the shield and ascended.

Spending a few moments to recouperate themselves before pressing onward. Their party shy 1 member.
Alyriia stealthed ahead, for the first time in weeks without hearing a clanging of footsteps following closely behind her.
The group continued through the dried up riverbed the owl had come across.
To a bridge, crossing over a bottomless ravine. The 3 bugbears across the way had begun ascending their ropes.
Rahm Giant Spider, climbs under bridge
bugbear cuts the bridge
slams spider into the side
Rahm tries to leap across, but his leap is shy by about 15 feet. As the Giant Spider begins falling
Cassie – Vine Whip
Rahm, struggling to regain his webbing ability, or swim through the air to the wall closest to him.
but continues falling
as the ground comes up on him rapidly.

#14 Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

Thunder roared through the cavern as the travelers awakened from their rest. As the others rested Gribendr had been meditating and burning incense. As his companions stirred Gribendr began a low chant in a strange tongue. The smoke from the incense ceased rising and began to swirl into a small form in front of the kneeling cleric. Slowly an owl shape appeared and with a small popping sound the smoke figure became a real owl. The owl flitted around to each resting member and then returned to Gribendr to rest upon his shoulder.

Finding several passageways out, Gribendr, without saying a word, sent his new familiar north to peer down the hall, as Alyriia began straight ahead to the east. Gribendr, looking through his familiars eyes was able to make out a blast furnace and a mechanical bellows powered by a waterwheel dominate this large chamber. The furnace is cold and dark, but heaps of coal are piled nearby, along with a cart full of unrefined iron ore. The waterwheel sits in a ten-foot-wide channel cut into the floor of the room, but the channel is dry. Passages exit to the west, south, and east. The empty channel exits to the north and east. As Gribendr snaps out of it, he looks around, realizing everyone had left him alone. He quickly scurried across the room to his companions.

Alyriia led the group up a narrow stairway, giving everyone behind her death stares with every noise made. Creeping forward, Alyriia was able to remain a shadow in the walls, peering around the corner a faint green glow flickered from a distance. More than a dozen withered corpses were scattered around the room. These slain dwarves and orcs and ogres were still wearing the remnants of their armor. Floating above them was a skull engulfed in green flame. Turning to the group, finding Threx and Rahm right up her butt as they clattered and stumbled through the hall. The green light began to grow as it followed the noises. Alyriia was able to get one shot as the Skull began to mutter with its slack jaw, a sort of chant, as the corpses all around the room began to rise up.

Rahm was quick to crawl up the wall as a Giant Spider, slinging his butt towards the skull, sending a web flying. It took only a moment for the web netting to go up in green flames and fall to the floor. Threx sprung forward as he was quickly surrounded by the animated corpses. Gribendrs familiar owl swooped in from across the room, landing right on Threx, Gribendr muttered a few words as a light burst forwards from the owl onto Threx, protecting him against undead creatures. Alyriia once again appeared out of thin air, firing at the flaming skull, before jumping back into the shadows. The Green Skull, looking extremely aggravated with this recent turn of events, seemingly took a huge breath in, letting out a massive FireBall on everything in its path. Except for Alyriia, because she has ultimate luck and stealth. Threx and Gribendr took turns slashing and smashing at the zombies and Green skull, Cassie took a step up and sent an Ice Knife into the heart of one as it exploded hitting another beside it. Meushi took a step up to Cassie, sending fire bursts at the skull, followed by a Ray of Frost. Unfortunately Meushi’s magic backfired, doing nothing to the skull, but instead the magic contained within her surged, shrinking her into a small potted plant. Alyriia appeared near the new house plant, shoving it aside as she made a shot for the skull, then picked up the shrubbery and backflipped away, setting the plant down out of harm’s way.

From the front lines, Rahm switched into his Brown Bear form, taking down one more animated man. From behind the skull he saw a hand larger than his body grasp onto the ground from outside a deep crevasse. Gribendr took a step forward holding his pendant up chanting as he stepped forward, Casting Turn Undead. Unable to warn the Group, because he was a bear, Rahm let out a growl towards the back of the cavern. Hearing the Roar, the massive Undead Ogre charged toward the bear, smashing down with his colossal club, bashing Rahm right out of his bear form.

Meushi’s inner magic surged once again, as she grew back into her Tiefling form. No longer a potted plant. Hearing the commotion, Alyriia jumped forward firing an arrow towards the new large foe, disappearing back into the shadows as quickly as she came. Rahm darted beside the Green Skull and through the mob of Zombies, attempting to get as far from the Zombie Ogre as his feet would allow. As the Green Skull saw a flash of Halfling run by, It let out a large fire blast from its mouth, sending it down the cluttered hallway. Cassie was barely able to avoid the fiery grasp, feeling the heat nearly searing her eyebrows, letting out an aggressive attack, killing one Zombie on the spot. Meushi stepped forward, standing next to Cassie, as she let loose several spirals of fire towards the Ogre. The ogre reeled from the impact of the fire and stumbled sideways. Gribendr seized the opportunity and swung a mighty blow at the creature’s legs. The undead flesh was already falling apart and Talon cleaved through what remained. Whatever magic had held it together was no longer enough and the ogre’s form plopped onto the floor as no more than a rotting pile of meat and bone.

Alyriia, from behind everyone, jumped up onto the altar in the center of the room, releasing an arrow with a force so strong it sent the skull flying across the room, pinning it to the wall across the cavern. The flame surrounding the skull fizzled out.

Looking around at the now lifeless room, the group didn’t say anything, but looked very pleased with one another. Continuing into the furnace room, they looked around for any traces of any other creature, or helpful clues.

Alyriia and Gribendr hopped down into the crevasse, heading towards the Northern passageway. As they rounded the corner they spotted a very familiar looking Drow female across a canyon. Alyriia hustled Gribendr back the way they came as quick as he would allow, shutting his lantern to avoiding being detected by the Doppelganger.

Meanwhile Meushi ventured west, finding the first hallway Gribendr’s familiar flew down. At the end was a large wooden door. She crept up to it, listening in, hearing arguing in an unknown language. She backed away, and headed back to the group. Gribendr, Alyriia, Cassie, and Meushi regrouped, sharing what they had found, coming to the conclusion it would be best to continue east in search of a place to rest to recuperate. They found Threx and Rahm wandering around the furnace, Rahm on Threx’s shoulders smoking from his pipe.

They began following Alyriia east, being as quiet as possible (which wasn’t very). Right before following Alyriia down the dark hallway, Gribendr took one final glance at the no longer flaming skull. Still pinned to the wall by Alyriia’s arrow, but several of the skull’s fractures had begun to seal up. Horrified by the realization that the cracks were slowly disappearing as he watched, he whispered to Meushi to wait, as the others continued forward.

Gribendr, feared this creature was not yet vanquished, but he had no idea what he could do. He had already tried to ensure it would not rise again by searing it with his sacred flame but it seemed to have no effect. Desperate to find a way to destroy this evil creature he reached into his pack and pulled out his blessed rune dice. Making a small prayer to Bahamut and seeking the guidance of his god, he asked “If we leave this creature as it is will we be safe?” before casting the dice. The dice bounced across the stone floor as he studied their arrangement, hoping they would reveal some message. The runes clearly indicated that leaving the skull undisturbed would bring woe upon the group. As he studied the message one rune in particular caught his eye. A symbol of the good gods seemed to glisten and Gribendr remembered an old clerical saying “Purification proceeds from opposition. Good casts out evil as water quenches flame.”

Gribendr knew that holy water was what he needed but he did not have any. Desperate for any chance, he began rustling in his pack and pulled out a waterskin and a small ritual bowl. Pouring the water into the bowl, he placed his pendant of Bahamut’s crest in the water and began chanting in a low voice. Some moments later he felt the warmth of Bahamut’s presence flow through him and into the bowl of water. Firmly holding his holy symbol in the bowl he began to pour the water over the skull as it’s hollow, empty eyes began to flicker with renewed energy and life. But where the blessed water touched the skull it crumbled to ash before their very eyes. When it was done only a damp pile of ashes remained.

Finishing his task, he turned to Meushi, as they rejoined the group down the hall.

Alyriia ahead of the group entered another vast cavern, the ceiling was covered with minerals glittering upon catching even the faintest flicker of light, glimmering down creating the impression of a starry night sky. The floor was crowded with skeletons, several crushed from fallen debris.

The cave was so large it held two free standing structures. Both of which had been battered and blackened over the many years of being underground. Their doors were worn, cracked, and scorched.

The cavern was divided by an escarpment, into which a flight of stairs had been cut. In addition to the passage Alyriia was entering from, the cavern had exits to the north and south. The southern passageway glowing with a faint green light.

Alyriia was quiet to approach the northern structure without a sound, unfortunatly she was closely followed by the bumbling, babbling, conspicuous duo, Threx and Rahm. She turned to them with a deathly glare, as they both second guessed their next step forward. Without closely following, she was able to creep up to the northernmost door. Inside she found a small empty room with another door to the south. However from behind the second door an eerily green glow flickered through the cracks. She turned from the building, returning to the group.

Rahm hesitated only as long as his attention span would allow, and he entered the northern door. He laid his head on the ground, pressing his face against the second door, attempting to peer underneath. He was able to make out a large workshop badly damaged by the ancient spell battle that laid waste to the mine. Worktables that took up two corners of the room were left scorched, and the plaster has been burned off the masonry walls, and in the middle of the room, a stone pedestal held a small brazier in which an eerie green flame danced and crackled. The brazier and its pedestal appeared to have been untouched by the forces that destroyed this area.

Outside, Alyriia, Gribendr, and Meushi waited up against the cavern wall, far from the door. Threx followed closely, with Cassie behind him, inside the first door.

Rahm entered the scorched room he was looking in. As Rahm approached the enticing green flames of the brazier, a creature could be seen watching Rahm from behind the flames. The floating spherical creature, measuring roughly four feet in diameter, had several eyestalks protruding from its central mass, and in the center of its body was a large eye, staring at Rahm.

Rahm felt a thick, burbling voice from within his own mind, “Hello.” As the creature grinned, revealing it’s large toothy maw.

Forge of Spells

Lightbringer Mace
+1 magic weapons / armor

Long rest.

#13 The Trial of Assassins (Alyriia's bkgrd)

Alyriia bryn’Zaurret




Murghol the Duergar Warrior
Moolowik the Kuo-toa Arch-priest
Sassandra and Greyna the Drow Sorcerers

Plot against House Baenre
Traitor in the midst




chain statue

blade stairs

Teleportation sigil





Double Doors

teleportation sigil
all but Alyriia

Alyriia new sigil

4 choices

Alyriia to a room


opportunity to say “goodbye”



woman wearing burlap sack over head being pushed out by a man wearing brown cloak

sack removed, appears to be Alyriia (twin sister Mayala)

Nezznar stabs, shoves her back

Brown cloak grabs her, grabs something shiny like gold from his face, and pushes her off bridge into river

Alyriia screams out, “Nezznar! Don’t do it, you scum!”

balcony splits
slams into ground below
dodges telescope
falls into river

swims for sister, sinking before her

reaches, PULLS tugs, yanks with all her might

sister keeps sinking
slowly turning into stone

releases her grasp of Alyriia as she continues to turn to stone

Alyriia pulls once again, sister slips free of her grasp, sinking down
Alyriia left with a silver spider necklace in her hand Mayala’s Spider-Charm Necklace
forced downstream with current.

#11 King Grol

Upon listening through the door, Alyriia, in an attempt to quietly open it, the door let out a loud screech as it flung open. Revealing a Bugbear, standing over a badly battered Dwarf on the ground. She instantly let loose an arrow, as it sunk into his chest. As the Bugbear approached, Alyriia sidestepped allowing her to see further in the room. From the back of the room there was a wisp of a figure, Alyriia was barely able to make out a Drow woman dashing away right after grabbing what looked to be the remnants of a map with the symbol Rockseeker_Sigil.jpg visible. Alyriia darted around the now battling Bugbear, Rahm, Gribendr, and Threx in hopes of cutting off the mysterious woman. As Alyriia rushed around the corner, she was met with a cluster of Hobgoblins.

Rahm was able to chomp down on the Bugbear, squeezing his way by him in the crowded hallway, allowing Gribendr to slash at the monstrous being. Almost as if planned, just as Gribendr’s sword finished its swipe, Threx was right there to bash the Bugbear right in the face. From behind the collaborative group, a lone Wolf stood over the Dwarven body, snarling at Rahm before taking a lunge towards the Brown Bear.

Around the corner, Meushi and Cassie were making their way towards the ruckus as a woman darted by them. Without a second thought Meushi sent several bursts of energy towards the Drow, as she tore down a cloth, revealing a hidden exit to the outside forest. Almost simultaneously Alyriia appeared around the corner, arrow drawn, followed by a mob of Hobgoblins. Meushi took off after the Drow, leading outside, she attempted to slow her just as Alyriia appeared firing one last shot before the Woman Disappeared for good. Turning back inside, they find Cassie holding off several of the Hobgoblins that were only seconds ago behind Alyriia. Together they slaughter the Hobgoblins in sight.

Threx, seeming to enjoy this confrontation with the Bugbear calling himself “King Grol” let out a taunt “Hey Lady” As the Bugbear turned to face the Dwarf, Threx Slashed down, putting an end to the Bugbear’s reign. About that same time, the Wolf took a juicy chomp into Rahm. Gribendr was able to slash into the Wolf just as he bit down. Angrily spinning around, the Wolf spotted Threx, lunging and clamping down onto the Dwarf. This allowed Gribendr just enough time to help Rahm back on his feet, As Cassie rushed into the room, firing bursts of energy at the snarling wolf.

Back in the other room, Meushi and Alyriia continued their battle with the oncoming Hobgoblins when they heard a loud crash along with blood curdling screams from down the Hall. Bursting from around the corner, a rabid Owlbear approached, ripping apart any Hobgoblin in its path.

After being helped up, Rahm dashed towards the fallen Dwarf. Inspecting the Dwarf, he recognized him as our Employer, Gundren, who had vanished weeks ago. He helped him back to consciousness, as he opened his eyes, “Good God, what took you so long” Rahm replied simply saying, “Dragons, saving the town. If you want to live, come with me!”

As the Owlbear crashed in, he narrowly missed Meushi as Alyriia leapt back, firing at the monstrosity before disappearing behind the, now revealed, exit. Gribendr charged into the room, taking one more strike at the wolf on his path. Threx followed close behind, slamming his shield into the dazed wolf as he slit it open before running by the Owlbear, stealing its attention.

From the other room Rahm, hearing quite a commotion, yelled out, “Are y’all okay out there?” Threx shouted a reply, “There is an OwlBear out here, we wouldn’t mind your help!” Hearing this, Gundrens eyes got wide, “What is happening out there!?” Rahm turned to him with a crazed look, “There be Bugbears in the water” Before he morphed into a Giant Spider, crawled up the wall and onto the ceiling.

Simultaneously Gribendr charged up to the Owlbear, slashing into his chest, as Threx slammed into his side, dancing around him, distracting him. Allowing Cassie and Meushi to fire an eruption of crackling energy, sending the Owlbear to his grave.

Alyriia wandered back to the recently filled room, everyone following close behind. She approached a large wooden Chest in the corner of the room, as she approached it, it burst open sending daggers flying in every direction. Almost inconceivably everyone was able to miss the poison tipped death trap. In frustration, Threx grabbed the wooden chest and smashed it, as it sent the wooden shards, they noticed a large lump lying under the covers in the bed. From the Ceiling, Rahm sent webbing down, grabbing the blanket, and sending it across the room, revealing a pile of Treasure.

Exhausted from the recent events, the group thought it to be in their best interest to board up the room and rest. They grabbed everything, including the corpses lying on the ground, to barricade the doorways, as they all settled down for the evening.

Unfortunately, for everyone except Alyriia, Their rest was cut short by a loud knocking on the barricade. Moments later a Wolf followed by a Goblin burst through the makeshift door. Hearing the other door about to give way, Gribendr ran to the fiery brazier, attempting to push it in the way of the opening. Unfortunately he greatly underestimated the weight nor the temperature of the blazing fire, as he singed his hands. Unable to even budge it. Luckily, Threx, reading his mind, was able to cast a
upon the entrance of the northern door, blocking anyone’s path to enter or exit. Rahm was able to jump a Goblin and rip it open in one foul swoop, Then he scrambled down to join his companions at the southern door. Together they successfully took down every goblin attempting to enter their fortress. Alyriia took a step forward, firing the Goblin Killer towards the last HobGoblin, a Hobgoblin Captain. It pierced through his eye, protruding through his skull, pinning him to the wall behind him.

Giving up on their much needed rest, they headed towards the exit. As Gribendr got distracted by another set of doors, and he entered a large room, followed by Alyriia and Threx. Looking at the statues and symbols around the room, It was easy to tell this once was a Cathedral of some sort. Suddenly, from the ceiling dropped a Grick. A worm-like creature with a beak like mouth surrounded by several tentacles. Attempting to snatch Alyriia up as Threx stepped forward, and in a fury of blows, showed off his strength by taking down this beast without even breaking a sweat, nor a second thought. Unknowing to the danger within, Cassie, Meushi and Gundren entered the room finding the beast dead on the floor. They would forever look at Threx in a new light.

Before running into any more unwanted gremlins, They left the castle and headed back towards Phandalin, with Gundren safe at their side.

Entering the Tavern, everyone seemed overjoyed to see them. However they were so exhaused they just were barely able to make it up to their rooms before passing out.

The next morning they all made their ways downstairs to enjoy a breakfast as Sildar made his was around, giving the well deserved payment for their Cragmaw Castle venture.

Alyriia finally had time to question Gundren about his captors, especially the Drow woman who got away. It was learned that this woman was in fact a Doppelganger.

#10 Storming the Castle

The next day began early for the weary travelers. The each made their way downstairs to find food and their companions. As usual, Alyriia was awake and alert in the common room. Meushi and Cassie both seemed to be moving rather tenderly and gave Gribendr sour looks as they quietly suffered unfortunate headaches from a night of “Fizzbangs.” As everyone gathered around the far table, Rahm, with incredible grace and near total silence pulled his chair from across the room. For some reason he seemed annoyed by that…

Sildar soon came up to the table to speak with the companions. He offered a reward of 500GP to the group if they could eliminate the Cragmaw goblins that had been plaguing the town. He specifically wanted the leader of the goblins eliminated.

Elsa brought everyone leftovers from last night, honeyed ham and Corn. As Gribendr exclaimed about his new found drink he made earlier for Alyriia. Delighted as he explained his new “Good Lemon Fizz.” While talking, he was able to buy a pack of pepper ((Gribendr picked a peck of pickled peppers)) In hopes of spreading his newly established drink with the world!

Getting back to business, realizing the tremendous task at hand, they saw it best to prepare by gathering a few items before leaving town. Threx eagerly explained his plans for his explosives, Rahm seeming excited about the idea, Joined him on his tasks through the town. Gribendr suggested a stop at the Lion Shield Coster for healing potions, along with other supplies we may see we need. Cassie and Meushi traveled along with Gribendr to the shop, leaving Alyriia to hold down the fort in the Tavern.

Threx had a deal with Halia Thornton last time he saw her, and she was able to gather up some scrap metal she had promised him. Leaving her, Rahm exclaimed about his shiny balls he had in his sack, asking Threx if he would like to use them. As Threx seemed overly eager, showing off the ones he had been traveling with, they quickly found their way to the Smithy. Finding the shop abandoned, they did what any other traveler would do, and broke in. It took them only a few moments before they were able to get the fire roaring, Rahm jumping up and down on the Bellow helping the area to warm up quickly. Laughing like mad scientists, they worked effortlessly, well almost, having a few delays here and there, they were finally able to cork up the masterpiece with the wine cork he bought with Elsa. Their work was done as they made their way back to the Tavern.

Meanwhile, Gribendr, Cassie, and Meushi meandered their way down to the Lion Coster.

In-town errands

  • bartending
  • tavern shenanigans
  • making explosives (Threx & Rahm)
    • Halia Thornton – scrap
    • Firing up the Smithy
    • Putting it all together
  • Shopping
    • Lion Shield Coster (Gribendr, Meushi, Cassie)
      • no Health Potions
    • Barthen’s Provisions
      • 3 Health Potions
      • magic items?
      • boys unloading crates
  • Back to Tavern
    Heading out
  • Going north
  • encounter (2 wolves, 3 hobgoblins, 2 hobgoblin captains)
    Cragmaw Castle
  • Strategizing
  • BOOM!
  • Fighting
  • Fighting
  • Fighting
#9 Glasstaff Strikes Back

Alyriia was able to drag Meushi from the burned down building. As she set her on the ground outside, Gribendr and Cassie came over, worried expressions on their faces. Meushi began mumbling, her eyes were fluttering and a strange language came off her tongue. Cassie was able to understand a few of the words she muttered but much was lost. A moment later Meushi gasped for air, as she awoke from unconsciousness.

As this transpired, Rahm and Threx were slowly making their way towards the group with Droop. Rahm, still in the shape of a direwolf smelled something foul in the air. As they met up with everyone else, Rahm looked southward, seeing a figure in a black mask and brown cloak watching them. He instantly warned the group as he rushed towards the masked man. From around the corner of a large building another masked man appeared atop an Allosaurus. Also wearing a black mask he shouted out, “What is your purpose here?” as he watched Rahm closely.

Threx replied “We were here for the dragon. We have no quarrel with you"
The masked man laughed and said, "We are also here for the dragon, to recruit it for Tiamat’s army.”

Gribendr hearing the name Tiamat let out a roar or rage and cried out “Death to Tiamat! Bahamut be with me!” The masked man paused only a moment and lunged towards Rahm.

Before the group was able to join Rahm, the bushes started rustling as Drakes emerged one at a time, charging towards Gribendr, Cassie, Meushi and Alyriia. Everyone was surrounded. As if that wasn’t enough, from within a southern building appeared a very familiar, Red cloaked frame. GlassStaff seemed to relish glancing around at the helpless travelers with a smirk on his face.

Everyone was in shock seeing Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek. That, however, did not allow them a break from the Cultist and drakes which surrounded them. Gribendr called upon his dragon ancestry and breathed lightning towards the Allosaurus striking two of the Drakes along they way seeming to anger more than injure them. Rahm, being attacked by mount and rider, was knocked out of his Direwolf form but quickly transformed himself into a Bear and killed the Cultist atop the Allosaurus .

Droop, showing great courage, took a swipe at the drake attacking Meushi and Cassie. Having lost its master, the Allosaurus saw the tiny goblin and pounced atop him, tearing into his flech. Poor brave Droop was mortally injured! His only hope was to be rescued by his companions before all his lifeblood drained from his mangled body.
Rahm watched Droop fall helpless to intervene. Enraged by the sight he charged, roaring and snarling towards the Allosaurus, dispatching one drake in his fury. The Allosaurus charged towards the bear, responding to the ferocious challenge and leaving Droop crushed on the ground, alone.

Meushi, meanwhile, was able to escape the swarming drakes, hiding in the house where only moments before she had been overcome and rendered unconscious. Before stepping back herself, Cassie was able to conjure a powerful Ray of Frost and sear into one drake, freezing its blood and killing it.

Rahm, still grappling with the Allosaurus was able to sink his claws deep into the beasts side as Cassie cast another Ray of Frost, striking the creature and freezing its massively muscled leg. The Allosaurus, confused by the sensation tried to move only to shatter his own frozen leg. Damaged beyond endurance he fell to the ground, defeated.

Alyriia attacked one drake before hiding herself in the shadows of the large building to the south. She stealthy made her way around the structure and into position behind GlassStaff.
Threx, having bested the enemies around him, charged towards Glasstaff. The wizard began muttering and suddenly Threx froze, no longer able to control his body. Glasstaff, smiling with pleasure at the paralyzed dward, sent three bolts of arcane energy slamming into Threx’s chest.

Alyriia watched GlassStaff attacking her companion (and meat shield) and slowly crept up behind the unsuspecting wizard. Arriving directly behind her foe without his knowlege, she viciously struck him in the back with her dagger, pushing it as far into his flesh as she could manage. Shocked by the sudden burst of agony Glasstaff lost his focus on Threx who was able to break free of the paralysis gripping his body.
Able to move again, Threx charged forward swinging his axe furiously at the damnable wizard’s head. The axe however was deflected by a shimmering haze that had surrounded GlassStaff. The strange haze had simply appeared the instant before the axe fell.

Gribendr, still enraged by the cultists, and the shaken by the appearance of the stupid and cruel drakes rushed down to help Alyriia and Threx. Gribendr had been trying to protect Meushi and Cassie from the beasts but he felt compelled to strike down the wizard who had done so much evil in the last few days. The lone surviving drake thrashed his way behind Gribendr, instinctively attempting to prevent his next meal from fleeing.

As Gribendr approached, Threx took another slash at Glasstaff, who muttered a few more words and then vanished.

He reappeared 30 feet away but had placed himself almost directly in Gribendr’s path. Once again the wizard fired three missiles of arcane energy from his staff. Two impaled Threx who fell to the ground unable to rise. The other struck Alyriia although she was able to shrug off the pain.

Meushi stepped out from her hiding place, and struck the pursuing drake with a bolt of fire but was unable to draw his attention away from the Dragonborn. Rahm, worried for the fallen dwarf ran towards GlassStaff and attempted to wrest the staff from his hands. Clearly GlassStaff was expecting this manuever and Rahm found himself flying through the air, tossed away by the dexterous motions of the wizard.

Alyriia, still intent upon the caster, stooped by Threx and poured a potion of magical healing into his mouth. The magic elixer did its work and Threx regained consciousness an instant later. Paying no heed to his injuries, Threx stood and rushed towards Glasstaff, also attempting to disarm him. He too was tossed aside, unable to wrest control of the weapon.

Following Meushi’s lead Cassie crept down to observe the fighting. When she saw the lone drake again ready to attack Gribendr she sent a ray of concentrated cold towards the drake just missing its head.

In the chaos, Threx was able to slash his axe across Glasstaffs stomach, causing his innards to begin seeping out. Now seriously worried for his life, GlassStaff threw what looked like a sliver of ice between Gribendr and Threx. It exploded in a spray of hundreds of shards of ice, slicing into every inch of the two hero’s exposed flesh. Gribendr stumbled back, trying to regain his composure after the painful blast, but the drake who had been stalking him, lunged forward, sinking its teeth into Gribendr’s leg and pulling him to the ground.

Again Rahm was forced to watch another friend fall in the struggle with the diabolical wizard. Vowing revenge Rahm rushed forward to attack GlassStaff. The mage was just able to turn the strike aside but was now totally focused on the druid.

Alyriia took her opportunity and vanished from sight and as soon as GlassStaff turned to face the onrushing bear. She reappeared, unnoticed behind him, grabbed the staff and deftly swung her legs around the wizards neck. Not giving him a chance to react she threw her weight back and twisted hard with her hips, throw GlassStaff to the ground while she nimbly landed on her feet and back flipped away, staff in hand.

As soon as Alyriia was out of reach, Rahm dove in and ripped out the dazed GlassStaff’s throat. Blood dripping from his jaws he casually tossed the gruesome trophy to Alyriia’s feet. The bear was still enjoying his victory when the drake, forgotten in the melee pounced on him forcing the druid back into his halfling form.

Although Alyriia was clearly displeased by yet another bloody throat splattering blood on her boots, she drew her bow and dispatched drake, saving Rahm. Happy to be alive, but still clearly courting death, the halfling proceeded to carve out the dead drake’s throat, and tossed it in Alyriia’s direction. Suppressing an urge to loose another arrow, she turned and stalked away muttering imprecations under her breath. Rahm proceeded to revive Gribendr who had been seriously wounded by the drake and the companions gathered what useful items they could from the gory remains of this long day.

Threx looked around for his Goblin friend as the fighting came to a close, looking across the recent battlefield, he saw Droop lying on the ground, motionless. Rushing to his side, Rahm close behind, they knelt down beside their fallen comrade. The companions took Droop’s lifeless body and proceeded to dig a small grave in the shadow of a tree near the center of town. Knowing his place in such things, Gribendr pulled forth his Crest of Bahamut and gave a short eulogy.

“Droop, you were a good friend and faithful companion, even though you were born into an evil race. You are a reminder to all of us that we can overcome whatever darkness may reside in our past and walk in the path of honor and true friendship. You will be missed.”

When the group had finished burying their fallen comrade, they returned to the scene of the recent battle and prepared to rest through the night. Rahm attempted to recover the hides of the drakes and particularly the large Allosaurus, with some success. Gribendr however was almost inarticulate and repeatedly stabbed and slashed the giant lizards. Only as exhaustion seemed to come over him did he stumble back into the makeshift barracks, prop himself against the wall and try to sleep.

The night passed without any further interruption and the group prepared to make their way back to Phandalin with the rising of the sun.

Before leaving ThunderTree for good, Meushi entered the burned house once again, searching for anything they may have been untouched by flame. Alyriia entered the house after her, followed by Gribendr. Unsure of what she was hoping to find, Alyriia questioned her intentions. Meushi answered with a simple reply, “this was once my home, it was so long ago, however I was hoping that even through all of these years, there would be something for me here.” Gribendr began searching around, as he came across some crumbled up obsidian, he was able to scoop a small amount of the dust into a bottle he had. Alyriia too helped as she looked under some rubble, she came across a small Owlbear plush. Alyriia held it out for Meushi, looking a little unsure if this was what she would want. Meushi reached for the toy, as a flicker of remembrance spread across her as she grabbed it. “This once belonged to my sister Vanifer, Thank you.” Taking one last look at the remains of the house, they ventured away from Thundertree.

After making camp along the road, they were able to talk for a small while, reminiscing about the Dragon and Druid they only recently left. Meushi asked about the symbol she remember seeing on the now crushed obsidian.


They only recognized the symbol as an ancient symbol for fire. It hadn’t been seen or used in several centuries.

With their minds turning, Gribendr reached into his bag, pulling out a journal as he passed it around. “This is something I had come across many years ago. It has no visible writings in it, nor can you keep any form of writing on it. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas as to what it could be?” Looking the book over thoroughly, no one was able to tell of what magic this book contained. Slowly falling asleep as many questions hovered in their minds.
Alyriia was on watch during the night, when from out of the darkness she heard some low grumbling and shuffling in the distance. Very quietly she was able to wake up Rahm and Threx, sneaking over to the other side of camp she was able to nudge Meushi awake, accidently kicking Gribendr in the process. They slowly walk towards the oncoming group as Alryiia sent faerie fire to light up the adversaries. Being able to see the opponents Meushi pulled out a scroll she had been saving, with one flick of the wrist, she lit up the entire entourage, burning them to ash instantly.

The rest of the night went on, undisturbed.

Finding themselves back in Phandalin they separated to accomplish several tasks.
Alyriia and Gribendr found their way to the Lionshield Coster as they pulled out a set of four goblets along with a solid emerald necklace. Linene, more than happy to do business with her favorite travelers was able to trade for a few healing potions along with some much appreciated gold. Leaving there, Alyriia followed Threx into Phandalins Miners Exchange. Threx rummaged through his pack until he found the letter written ((((I assume this is the same letter Alyriia grabbed from the pouch in the inn GlassStaff burned down?)))) He placed it on the table in front of Halia in hopes to make a barter for some Black Powder. She read over the letter, looking from Threx, Alyriia and the letter a few times before continuing on. Halia went to put the letter in her pocket before Alyriia stopped her, Making herself a copy before giving it up for good. After giving Threx the Black Powder, He inquired about her saving any scrap metal for the next time he would be around, Gladly she agreed, and they both exited the shop.

Meanwhile, Gribendr was already back at the Inn, in the place Elsa normally stood. Overly enthusiastic about his new position, he was eager to try out his favorite hometown drink at the bar. He searched around the bar as he threw together a few simple ingredients before slamming the drink down in front of Meushi. Looking almost horrified at his creation, She slid the drink down to Cassie. Moments later she found another drink sitting right in front of her. Shrugging her shoulders and rolling her eyes, she cheered Cassie as they drank the night away.

Threx anxiously made his way to Elsa after purchasing an expensive bottle of wine from Gribendr. After a little while he was able to persuade Elsa to enjoy the night with him…
Threx was exceptionally strong as he gallantly carried Elsa up to the room, however his performance was quite a bit of fizz and not so much bang.

Cult of the Dragon



Ambush Drake

Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek


#8 Druids & Dragons

The group awaits anxiously outside the Druids home, hearing a rustling inside. Moments later Reidoth appears though the now ajar doorway, ushering everyone inside. He is sure to double check no one followed them before securing the doorway behind them. “I was to believe you would be leaving tonight?” he questioned. Gribendr stepped forward, “we have more to do in this town it seems, we were hoping to take you up on your offer of a safe resting place for the night.” The druid nods his head, “I will be leaving early, at first light, but you will have a safe place to rest for tonight.” Alyriia walked to the far end of the room, where there was now a vined wall where the back door once stood. He took a scan of the group before saying, “ah yes, apparently after you left me the last time, my doorway was left, how should you say, broken, I took the liberty to fix it before any real damage could come my way.” He took a long look at Rahm before answering, “You all have a safe place to stay for the night, make yourselves comfortable.”

After everyone found a spot in the cozy cabin, one by one they all drifted to sleep. Reidoth approached Rahm as he spoke in an ancient language in a hushed voice. The conversation lasted through a lot of the night, no one except the Druids able to hear much of anything.
Morning came faster than expected, The Druid left as the sun rose, only Rahm and Alyriia awake to see him out. Everyone else began waking up slowly, knowing they would have a long day ahead of them. Cassie rolled over, as a loud monstrous sound emerged from her stomach. Realizing she has not eaten anything in awhile, she searched for something to cure her appetite.

A short time later, the group began to vacate the cabin. Upon walking outside, they saw large mangled spiders, along side splintered bushes all around them. The night before began to set in, if this was from only a few hours of wandering around the town, what would a whole day hold?

With that thought on everyone’s mind, they slowly, and carefully began walking east, once again trying to find the Herb shop for the Woodkeepers wife’s heirloom. They only made it a few yards when a loud booming voice vanquished the silence, calling out, “Adventurers! I know you’re out there. Talking to that druid, I presume. I can smell your foul odor. I know that druid wants me to leave. Coveting my treasure. Undoubtedly I’m sure you do, too. So if it’s a battle you want, I will provide it, but I hope to parley. If you value your lives you should hear me out. I come carrying, as the human custom goes, the white banner of peace. Step into my lair and no harm should come to you.”

They pause for a moment, Alyriia and Meushi continue on their path towards the Herbalist shop, Threx and Rahm begin north Towards the voice, and Cassie with Gribendrr thinking over this not really heading much of anywhere.

Meushi stumbles into the old worn out building that was once a Herbalist shop, looking around she found many worn down bookcases. Alyriia followed her in, immediately seeing what she was searching for. Meushi followed closely, peering over Alyriias shoulder as she opened the old rotten case. Inside lay the Emerald necklace heriloom they were searching for. They quickly exited the building, walking toward Gribendr as he called out to everyone, asking for a group decision as the voice continued, “The truth is that this fight is more evenly matched than I prefer. I will destroy you, but I will be forced to lick my wounds and in that time, be a prime target for my half-sister’s inevitable attack! I may be inclined to be evil, by your own standards, but I’m not stupid. I would much prefer fights I can overwhelmingly win.

I’m quite full, right now. Another party tried to kill me recently, you see. They didn’t take to negotiating. Thought I was a liar. Oh…..The druid didn’t tell you about them?

Let us put aside our weapons. To be welcomed into a lair of a dragon is a trust and honor no dragon dare go against! I’m issuing the draconic guest rite. May Tiamat strike those that defy this rite down!”

Gribendr voices his opinion, there was to be no way about sneaking around this dragon, we should go and meet him, see what he has to offer, get a safe passage through this town.
Threx already on his way up the hill, calls back, I will not be talked down to, I will look this beast in the eyes as he proposes his plans to us. Ignoring Gribendr’s pleas, as Threx began marching up the hill. Gribendr was forced to cast Hold person, holding Threx back momentarily for them to have a chance to discuss further.

Threx continued walking, in place of course, talking as he walked. This dragon is not all he is made out to be, you heard him, he is wounded, we are ready, lets take him! He is not so mighty that he can talk at us as though we are merely travelers caught in his trap!

Gribendr tried to sound as reasonable as he could, following draconic tradition, it would be best if we face the Dragon, see what he wants, and maybe end up helping him and us along the way. I’m not sure we can trust him, but a parlay seems reasonable!

Rahm stayed closed to Threx, trying to figure out how he was walking without going anywhere. Not joining the debate too much, but clearly with Threx every step of the way.
Alyriia looking at Threx as though she could kill him with her eyes, did not in any way want to approach the Dragon. Seeing they already found the necklace they came for she was ready to leave this town as quickly as necessary.

Cassie seemed deep in thought as they stood around debating on what the next move was. She appeared to be concerned, looking from herself to the hill, something was clearly on her mind.

Meushi voiced her opinion, leave the Dragon and head to the rest of the town, we wouldn’t want to leave any stones unturned before venturing into a Dragon’s lair!

In the end, everyone follows Threx, seeing he will not give up this fight, and they would not leave him to fight a Dragon alone, they all venture up the hill, Threx in the lead, with Rahm and Gribendr right beside him. Meushi walked up to Cassie, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder before following behind. Alyriia vanished into the undergrowth.

As they make it to the top of the Hill, Gribendr called out, “we are here to parlay, where are you?” Threx already had his axe drawn and at the ready.

A glimmer of green flashed a few times before appearing atop the Tower in front of them. The Travelers had their first look at this Dragon. She was a deep forest green, and her bold golden eyes fixed on them. Her wings spread consuming the sun behind her, as her head turned sharply to the east.

Yes, to Parlay, are you coming inside or not? Her spies are all about, and can hear us speaking.

Meushi yells from behind the group, whose spies?

She replies, my half-sisters’ spies.

Gribendr calls out, we have come as close to your layer as we will, we shall parlay at your convenience.

Looking about she replies, very well, if this is as close as you dare to come, I must whisper for fear of her spies overhearing.

Gribendr sidesteps as he says, if you come slightly closer to us, perhaps the magic of my druid friend will shield your voices from the spies.

She snakes her way down the building onto the ground and slithers closer to the group.
Her eyes fixated on Threx. On the battleaxe resting on his shoulder. She starts, there’s another nearby dragon who has a better lair. You see- I need a favor. I’m offering you a deal. Her name is Verslexia and those spiders outside were once her spies. If you’d slay her I’d gladly leave this place at once with all my treasure. No problem at all. I will rid myself of this place and vow never to return.

Threx asked for her skin color, and where her lair would be.

My half sister is green like myself. I wished you to come inside because that is where the map is.

Gribendr interrupts, that he could retrieve the map from inside.

Venomfang turns to the dragon born, very well its inside to your right, inside a chest is a map to Verslexias lair.

Gribendr wandered inside the tower.

As the dragon continued, "that Druid you spoke to earlier, well you see, we have an arrangement me and him. I help him keep my sisters influence at bay. He saves me time from going out and hunting for treasure and food. He sends groups like you to me to deal, in hopes I leave here. I either get treasure, or an attempt at a new lair! He can’t defeat me so he gets the stupid ones killed and the smart ones to help me leave his domain! Oh.. he didn’t tell you that? That’s too bad… It appears those druids love nature more than their fellow man. I suppose he cares less about you than you of him! Reminds me of dealings with my own kin. It appears the only square deals that exist can only be between different races.

Listen to me. I would rather not risk my life for such a mission nor leave my treasure unguarded. I knew this site would draw attention by adventurers.. It was all planned! I swear it on your gods and my own, that she lives in the woods deep in a cairn about 10 miles from here…her name is Verslexia. She’s my half-sister. Your friend is retrieving the map.

Threx asked if his sister was the same size, bigger or older?

She replied, “about the same size, not much bigger or older.”

Gribendr, noticed a chest in the room, exactly where the dragon said it would be, but he continued upstairs looking around to find several other chests overflowing with coins and treasure.

Back outside the dragon asked if any of them were from this town?

Meushi steps forward, why do you ask?

Venomfang sidesteps to look Meushi in the eyes, "Ahh! You were from here. I see. I take it my lair here is insulting to your tastes. To your sense of cultural pride. For that I’m sorry. You could not have been bigger than a hatchling at that time! It appears I underestimate human memory and ambition. You and I share similar motivations! Well you may reclaim your town! You can even pretend to have “drove me off with heroics” should any adventurer find me in my new lair.. I’d gladly play along… what is your name again, fleshling?

Meushi asked when she came to these lands

Deal with my sister and then we can talk about how I should retell your story of how your drove me off from Thundertree!

Meushi again, what drove you here in the first place?

Glancing around at the group Venomfang grinned, “stupid adventures like you! Thank you for trusting me, meal!”

She leaned forwards and lets loose a cacophonous cloud of gas, raining forward toward Threx, Rahm, Cassie and Meushi. Nearly killing Cassie, causing her unconscious body to collapse on the ground. Threx was able to throw up his shield just in time, completely avoiding the ghastly poison she released on the group. Alyriia watching from the brush, took her chance firing an arrow, as Rahm morphed into a Brown Bear. Meushi rushed over to Cassie, giving her a GoodBerry, and pulling her out of the way. The fight was on!

Gribendr, busy in the top of the tower, heard the dragon’s roar among all of the commotion outside and rushed to a hole in the wall, seeing his companions dropping before Venomfang. He took a leap of faith, and jumped from the tower, 60 feet down, landing on his back as gracefully as possible. Not before sending his spiritual weapon out to help defend the party.

Threx runs around the dragon, slashing him with his axe. Cassie, now barely conscious, slowly gets up, trying to get as far from Venomfang as possible. The Dragon, clearly upset, took a swipe at Rahm, almost knocking him down. Gribendrs spiritual weapon was able to blast lightning straight into her chest. Meushi crawled through the bushes, doing her best to get far from the dragon, she sent three scorching rays into the maw of the Dragon. Rahm was able to catch her off guard and swipe and bite at her, getting a good grip of her scales. Threx, from behind hacks at her with his axe, yelling at her while swinging. Cassie, feeling slightly stronger, was able to let out three Magic Missiles, slamming into the side of Venomfang, causing her to get very aggravated. She expanded her wings, lifted herself high into the air, and took off, but not before letting loose another roar with another horrendous cloud of poison raining down on Threx and Rahm, leaving north to not return.

Alyriia crawled out from the bushes, looking at everyone with a very disappointed look on her face, almost as if saying “I told you so”

Rahm jumps up, yelling, “how do I almost die EVERY time we fight something!”

Gribendr goes up to Alyriia and knelt down, Alyriia, i apologize i knew this was a dangerous situation, but perhaps we would have been better off just leaving, but to assuade your anger, there is massive amounts of loot atop the tower!

Alyriia stood in silence, still upset, but clearly trying not to laugh, put her hand on Gribendr’s shoulder, “Next time, we don’t fight the dragon!” and she walked toward the Tower.

Everyone ran upstairs to see what the Dragon left behind.

Rahm is in the back of the room, Gribendr, please help me, as he is withering on the floor, clearly playing up his wounds. Threx knelt beside him, crying out, Why my friend, why!
Gribendr rushed over and smacked Rahm across the face.

Gribendr walked over to Cassie and Healed her wounds.

The Group walked downstairs to search the first chest, that everyone has passed by now. Carefully opening it, wary of traps, but find an empty chest. No map in it. This is when the group began to question whether or not the Dragon had been lying about everything. They made their way down the hill once again.

Awaiting at the bottom of the hill, Droop greeted everyone with open arms, weeping openly as he runs around to see everyone still alive.

I would like to add here, there is a Cobbler Dance on the Feed ;)

As Ben Ate his cobbler, the Group took a short rest.

Meushi seeming very anxious, began heading further east, clearly with a destination in mind.

Approaching the Town square they notice several structures all surrounding a large statue of a warrior. The statue very weathered by the elements over the years it had started to crack and crumble. Difficult to read what was originally carved in the statue’s plaque, there was a last name still readable. “Zanarei.”

Rahm, with Threx following behind, goes north, entering what appears to be an old Garrison. Seeing the door to be unlocked, Rahm enters the building to find several ashen figures rise up inside. Rahm steps inside and morphs into a Direwolf. Threx follows silently behind able to surprise a Ash Zombies with an axe to the head.

Alyriia, Meushi, and Droop are further from the group, and almost don’t even hear the commotion above them. But Gribendr hearing some noises, turned around, realizing what was going on, and shouted, “Zombies!”

Cassie being right in between the split up group, acted quickly, attempting to burn the Ash Zombies where they stood. Meushi, very frustrated with the distraction of having to deal with zombies once again, reluctantly joined the rest in the fight.

After several maneuvers, fighting, and severing limbs, the zombies were lifeless once again.

There was a moment of relief as everyone took a second to gather their thoughts. Then Meushi left the group once again. She headed south, to a burned down house, Alyriia close behind.

Meushi was able to pull together a small bouquet of flowers she collected along the journey. Stepping inside, she took a deep breath of realization. As she took another step, she tripped over something, sending the flowers flying across the room, as she fell on her face. After standing up and brushing herself off, she looks to where her feet were, picking up what she tripped over. In her hands was a small shard of Obsidian Glass with an unknown symbol:

She lost consciousness, as a vision played in her mind.

Alyriia was barely able to catch Meushi as she fell unconscious, dropping the shard of obsidian that shattered as it struck the ground.

#7 Rendezvous with Reidoth

They waited cautiously for only a moment before continuing into Thundertree. Gribendr approached the buildingto the north of them. It was easy to make out a weathered signboard by the door of this large building that showed the faded image of a workhorse holding a flagon of ale; this used to be a brewery. The building, while sagging and dilapidated, was more intact that the ruins across the street.

Opening the door, a thin layer of ash covered everything in the room. It had not been disturbed for some time. Within the building lie several ashen figures. Entering cautiously Gribendr and Alyriia approach the doorway within. The room began to grow darker, dust and ash were swept up as suddenly the ashen figures came to life. Lurching their ash-covered bodies forward, attacking whoever dared to disturb their tavern tomb. The other four party members (also Droop) remained outside, hearing noises of raspy groans, and the sounds of arrows piercing through the still night air. Without hesitation, Rahm, still in the form of a Dire Wolf, crashed head first into a wall of the building, going right through it and attacking the first thing in his sight. As his Wolf jaws clamped down on one of the Ash Zombies, the layer of ash that coated the creature shook free from the corpse, blinding Rahm. Threx charged into the tavern and bashed his axe into another charcoal corpse, another cloud of ash drifted off Threx’s target, but was unable to blind the Dwarf. Gribendr cast Turn Undead on the beings, sending them into a panic to get away. Clumsily stumbling, one after the other, they made for easy targets and the group executed them one by one.

Leaving the, now empty, tavern, Alyriia stealthily crept along the road, heading south deeper into town when a light caught her eye. Meushi, following the Drow ever so closely, saw the same light ahead. They slipped into a ruined building, finding a chest lying within the roots of a tree that had sprouted in the ruins. Alyriia opens it, with Meushi still annoyingly close behind. They walked away from the open chest, leaving the goods inside, and Alyriia sent Meushi to collect the rest of the group. Creeping closer to the building the flickering light was coming from, Alyriia waited until everyone was at her side once again.

Meushi, feeling a spark of hope inside, pushes through the group to the front door, not noticing the shutters open beside her. Before Meushi even had the chance to knock, the door swung open abruptly. Before her stood a tall, white haired, older looking man who hastily ushered everyone inside. Telling the party that it was far too dangerous for anyone to be wandering these parts. Alyriia taking a little longer than the rest but everyone made it inside.

The man introduced himself as Reidoth, the Druid (the Druid they have been searching for). Meushi was quick to ask him what he knew of what happened to Thundertree. He shook his head in reply, that the town had been burnt down for nearly a decade now. Those in the area claim that it was the fiery eruption of Mount Hotenow, the volcano, that spelled the end of this town. However, the volcano is many miles away, and he did not believe that the volcano’s lava even reached Thundertree. In fact, several of those consumed in the blaze roze again, as undead not long after. He then inquired as to whether or not the party had taken note of the signs he had posted (DANGER! Plant monsters AND zombies! Turn back now!). He warned them of the many threats, including the poor souls who once lived and died here who have overrun the village, risen as zombies coated in the ashes of all that they once loved. He told them of the area’s mutated plants, the giant spiders lurking within the ruins, of the folk in black masks and cloaks, but he is currently most concerned by the fact that a dragon has moved into the tower since the last time he was here. After warning the adventurers of these threats, he suggests that they leave Thundertree before they get themselves killed.

They continued to talk, and he provided them with much and more. How he visits Thundertree annually and the cycles of life. How these ruins, though as tragic as the fire was, were now thriving with green plant life. Meushi stepped back, deep in thought. Threx jumped in, telling Reidoth that the Party came here seeking the Druid, because he was said to know every inch of this land. And they needed his help to find a place known as Cragmaw Castle. Reidoth replied that he did know of the place, and would happily mark it on their maps if they so desired. Once again advising them to leave this place, and continue on with their journey, that no treasure to be found within this town would be worth dying for.

It was Gribendr who then stepped forward with one more request. He told the Druid that they were concerned that the captors of their companions may be in a place known as the Wave Echo Cave, and beseeched the Druid’s great insight to these lands. Asking if he had any information about the caves and if he would mark the location on their map as well?

Reidoth took a moment, deep in thought. He told Gribendr some of the older tales he remembered hearing about the mines, that in addition to its vast mineral wealth, the mine was believed to contain great magical power. Stories claimed that there was a “Forge of Spells” within, where magic items could be crafted. Reidoth assured the Dragonborn that he had no idea if there were any truth to the tales, having never entered the mines himself. His gaze lingered on each of the travelers for a moment before he answered the second part of the question. Telling them that he would not mark the location of the caves on a map, but would lead them to the cave’s entrance himself, if they…He paused. Reassuring them that even asking the party for such a favor weighs heavily on his heart, before continuing. That he would lead them to the cave if they chase off the Dragon in Thundertree.

The group grew silent, slaying a dragon was the last thing on their minds.

(((Im almost positive we kinda ignored this request…sooo yeah… Ben – We didn’t ignore it, we just decided we’d come back when we could handle a dragon.)))

The group thanked him for his time and kindness, hoping to make their way out and maybe find the Herbalist’s shop before sunrise. The Druid offered them a safe place to stay for the night should they wish to rest before leaving town in the morning. They kindly declined, and headed back out into the night.

Once outside they began slowly walking east, Meushi crept up to Alyriia in the lead, whispering the directions to the Herbalist shop. The Drow looked suspicious of the Tiefling’s directions, but the directions without saying a word. From behind them, they heard the noise of Threx removing his axe and slicing through the air, and the sound of splintering wood, as Threx shouted out that there were more plant monsters. Gribendr, spying large spider webs on the building in front of them, lit a torch and attempted to set the house ablaze. Unfortunately, his throw was woefully unsuccessful failing even to singe a single strand of the web.

About that same time, from inside the ruined house, lanky, black, hairy, legs poked their way around the edges of what once was a doorway. Right before Alyriia and Meushi crawled a huge atrocious Spider. Then from around the corner, another one approached, followed by another!

more plant monsters

more ash zombies

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