#6 Return to Phandalin

After a long exhausting battle, the group enjoy a much needed nights rest in the cave of the slain Orc enemies of Wyvern Tor. Awaking the next day, they looted the bodies, and Threx removed the head of the biggest Orc and in one clean swoop, sliced it off. Shoving it into his pack before exiting the cave.

Leaving the cave, they continue on their journey to the north, back to Hamun Kost, the Necromancer at Old Owl Well. They find the way to his camp easily enough, greeted with a familiar warm welcome. With Threx presenting the severed Orc head, Hamun was overjoyed the group was able to rid him of the Orc pests that have been meddling with him over the last few months, making it extremely difficult to accomplish anything in his research. He led the group into his tent once again, and offered them a choice between two leather satchels. Each contained half of the items he uncovered in his research, as promised. Threx chose the bag with a small jeweled box. Inside the jeweled box was a Ring of Protection. It was decided that Meushi would take the ring, because she was the squishiest of them all.

A short visit with Hamun was all they desired, and they were back on the Triboar Trail once again, this time heading West. As the hours passed, the sun dropped lower in the sky, and they began to hear a rustling in the brush all around them. Swarmed by Stirges! Finding themselves surrounded, they stood ready to fight. One after another these flying beasts darted at the travelers, attached themselves, and sucked the life out of them. Slowly but surely, they took down the blood sucking stringes, until only the bat-like corpses of the Stirges remained of their swarm. After camping the remainder of the night, the group continued down the road towards Phandalin, Cassie taking the lead.

Entering the town, they realized something was amiss, and Phandalin was incredibly quiet. They approached the Shrine of Luck, hoping to find Sister Garaele to tell her of Agatha’s answer, but no one was there. They continued to look about, finding no one in sight. They moved toward the Townmaster’s Hall, as Threx was reaching for the door handle Harbin Wester burst from the doors knocking Threx (and Rahm who was on Threx’s shoulders) on his ass. Harbin’s hands were full, and he appeared to be in a hurry. After receiving their payment for clearing the Orcs from Wyvern Tor, Harbin told the group of a recent Goblin attack on the town. And informed them that everyone was meeting at Stonehill Inn to keep safe. The party helped Harbin with his bags, and walked with him to the Inn.

Inside they found nearly everyone they had previously met just sitting around the tavern. Gribendr, Threx, and Rahm wandered over to Sildar, seeking information. Sildar explained how after they had left, goblin attacks were happening frequently. These townsfolk were not soldiers, and Sildar felt compelled to keep them safe. He believed the best way to do this would be to have everyone stay together. They learned these Goblins that have been harassing the town were also members of the Cragmaw Tribe, the same Goblins who had captured Iarno, and Gundred Rockseeker, the same Goblins who had been working with the Redbrands.

Noticing the travelers pile into her tavern, Elsa Stonehill was quick to greet them. She sincerely apologized for her outburst from earlier, and only hoped they would forgive her. Rahm was quick to answer, bearing a gift of perfume, not from the farting jellies. She seemed shy, however grateful and relieved. She happily accepted his gift as a gesture of good will and grabbed everyone a mug of ale.

Allowing the group to discuss further,

((okay on the important info i may need some help…))

They were told of a druid who would be able to help with…..


Elsa offered everyone rooms for the night. Later, after Cassie had a few, Meushi helped her find her way to the beds. Rahm, after attempting to flirt with Quelline Alderleafthe Halfling mother whose son, Carp, was slain before the party’s eyes by the Redbrands. It was then that Rahm realized Elsa was watching, as she tucked his gift under the counter. Ashamed, he went outside with Droop to sleep in the trees.

Gribendr went to the Lionshield Coster to purchase a lantern, and a small keg of oil for it. Meanwhile Threx, who had waited around for quite a while, made his own move on Elsa. Threx pulled out every move he knew, his book being little to begin with, and unfortunately, Elsa turned him down, politely.

All the while, Alyriia sat patiently waiting as one by one, eveyone else filtered out of the tavern and up to their rooms. She made her way over to the redbrand prisoner sitting in the corner of the room. Questioning him on what he knew of her. Not geting near enough information, she left him.

The next morning Gribendr, prepared with his Zone of Truth Spell, put it to work on the prisoner. The prisoner was very adamant about being released. Trying to get information about The Black Spider, it was found out he sent the Bugbears to watch over Glasstaff. Glasstaff would not be near as powerful if he did not posses his Staff. The Staff gives him more power than he is capable of alone. Gribendr came to an understanding with the redbrand, he would not be harmed until they return, letting them see if the information received was useful or not. Gribendr left the room, leaving Alyriia to take him back.

Alyriia looked to the prisoner, demanding he tell her the information he would not tell earlier. He kept insisting if she release him, he would leave the Sword Coast for good, and would give her information that could save the lives of her and all of her companions.

Leaving the prisoner in the hands of the town, the group ventured away from Phandalin once again. They traveled north to Thundertree. After hours of traveling, they came across a fog that enveloped the land around them. Gradually, the trail became an old, overgrown lane winding between dilapidated buildings choked in vines and brush. Ahead of them, in the middle of the settlement, standing upon a steep hill was a stone tower with a partially collapsed roof and an adjoining cottage. A dirt road hugging the base of the hill and winds its way between old stone houses, many of which are roofless ruins with interiors open to the weather. Other buildings appearing more or less intact. The whole place eerily silent.

They passed a wooden sign nailed to a post that read: “DANGER! Plant monsters AND Zombies! Turn back now!”

Slowly, they made their way into the abandoned town. Searching for the Herbalist’s shop, hoping to find an old heirloom left by Mirna Dendrar, the woodworkers wife.

Suddenly as if out of thin air, something took a swipe at Threx. Looking around, they see nothing. Then without warning, the plants all around them sprung to life attacking anyone within reach. Quickly enough they were taken down, Fire seemed to be their greatest weakness. The group gathered around, waiting to see what their next move would be…

#5 Necromancers, Banshees, and Ogres oh my!

After traveling a little further down a not so easy to make out path, a rustle in the bushes became a low growl. Before there was time to react the Group was surrounded by a pack of mangy wolves. Easily enough, they were taken down. Rahm in Brown Bear form realized he wanted to add a wolf skin to his cloak he has been working on, attemped to skin the wolf. Being a bear however, only ended in tragedy. Alyriia, not succeeding any more than Rahm. Threx came around and pulled numerous teeth from the lifeless carcasses, in hopes Gribendr could make a charm for them on their journeys.

Before continuing forward, they decided it best to make camp. Making sure to keep a close watch, they were able to enjoy a long nights rest. Gribender, was able to create charms with the owlbear claws and feathers found earlier on their travels, helping the adventures to be immune to disease if worn.

Following Alyriia south, towards what appeared to be abandoned ruins of the Old Owl Well, she sneaks through twists and turns to find an old worn tent, seeing no one, she started to turn back to tell of her findings when she hears a loud moaning and growling of some awful creatures behind her, only making her walk quicker towards the group.

Ever so carefully and quietly, they slither around bushes until they where right where Alyriia saw the tent. They convinced her to continue with her scouting, now that everyone was here. She had barely stepped around the corner, when the source of the gnarled groans came into view, one corpse after another lumbering out of the ruined tower and into sight. So many that she lost count. As the group came around the corner, spotting the animated bodies, they immediately took action. Firing arrows, spells, fire, anything they could think of. One zombie fell to the floor, only to rise back up moments later and continued shambling towards the party. That was when a red robed figure peered out of the tent. Glasstaff? Everyone readied themselves for a tough battle against the overwhelming number of enemies before them.

The man shouted to Gribendr, speaking Draconic, “what are you doing coming to my camp, attacking us, what business do you have here?” At second look, they realized this to be a stranger to them, not Glasstaff at all. Gribendr responded, “we seek Iarno, who has done great evil in this land.” With a look of confusion, the Man replied, “There is no Iarno here.” Then introduced himself as Hamun Kost, a researcher. Gribendr, quick to end this fight assured the man, “We mean no harm to you." Hamun replied, “lower your weapons and the undead would return to the ruined tower.” Gribendr, turning to the group, tells everyone to lower their arms, we have no quarrel with this man. Slowly, reluctantly, the party lowers their arms. One by one. As their weapons are lowered, the undead slowly began shambling back to the tower.

After introducing himself as Hamun Kost the red wizard, ushered to Gribendr, “come inside, we have much to discuss.” Gribendr, taking one more glance back at the group, followed the man inside. The group slowly made their way closer to the tent, keeping a close watch on his “helpers.” Gribendr entered Hamun’s tent, to talk. Discussing how they had mistaken the “red robed wizard” for Glasstaff. The man, seemingly amused, stated that, “having red robes does not make me a criminal.”

Cassie recognized the many tattoos across Hamun’s face to be those of a Necromancer. Knowing that several locations to the far East brand the magically embuned with these markings so that all know the magics they practice. Necromancy is typically frowned upon even by others who have been endowed with arcane abilities.

After a short discussion with Hamun, Gribendr was told this area was filled with magical properties. A well of energy, so to speak, that can be tapped in order to make a spell cast here have a much stronger ability. For example, he was able to draw on that very power to animate such a great number of undead to help protect his camp from the Orc raiders out of Wyvern Tor. He asked Gribendr if the party had been to Wyvern Tor yet? Gribendr told Hamun, that they had not. He then asked if they would be willing to go North to ask the Banshee, Agatha, who built this abandoned tower, in hopes of learning more about where these magical properties were coming from. In exchange for the Banshee’s answer Hamun offered many of the treasures he came across in his research. They agreed, because they were already asked to head to the Banshee’s lair by Sister Garaele.

With that, they left Hamun, to venture North towards the Banshees lair. Walking for what seemed like forever, they marched their way through the abandoned ruins of Conyberry and reached the Neverwinter Wood.

Following a barely traceable path they entered the woods. It wasn’t long before they noticed a stillness in the air as it grew colder. Quieter. The air around them so still that it was as if the world stopped. They had followed the path for several miles when they rounded a bend in the trail, seeing a screen made from the warped branches of trees standing close together, woven into a domelike shelter in the shadows. With a low doorway leading inside Agatha’s Lair. Gribendr entered first, holding the silver comb he received from Sister Garaele in front of him. Followed closely by Alyriia. Before the rest of the group filtered in.

The pair, leading the group, continued ahead of the rest. Gribendr still holding the comb in front of him. As the air grew cold, and the group was gripped by a powerful feeling of dread. As a cold, pale light flickered in the air, rapidly taking on the form of a female elf, whose hair and robes waved in a spectral wind. Agatha. She might have been beautiful once, but a hateful expression twisted her features now. “Foolish mortals,” she snarled. “What do you want here? Do you not know it is death to seek me out?”

Agatha’s threats subsided when she noticed her comb sitting in Gribendrs palm. Smiling with cold amusement she said, “Very well, I know that you seek many things. Ask me 1 question, and I will give you an answer.” The answer to any 1 question in exchange for her comb.

Gribendr asked Sister Garaele’s question, about the spellbook belonging to the legendary mage Bowgentle, and Agatha told them that she traded the book a wizard named Rennwick Caradoon more than a hundred years ago. She does not know what became of the book, or the wizard, afterward. The party began audibly bickering among eachother about the answer Agatha had given, and so trying to get more information, they attempted to ask another question. Agatha’s patience was clearly running out, as the spectral winds lashed at her robes and her hair, she spoke to the party, “You asked your question. The gift of my possession (the jeweled silver comb) in exchange for the answer to one question. That was the deal to leave here with your lives. This is your final warning.” They quickly left her lair.

Outside, they debated as to where to go next, deciding the best path would be to return to Hamun Kost. They return to Old Owl Well, to be greeted by Hamun. Who was clearly excited that the group had returned so soon! But was just as disappointed when they informed him that they were unable to get the answer to his question. Having to continue with his research the old fashioned way he offered the party half of the treasures he had uncovered in his research, if they would take care of the Orcs at Wyvern Tor so they would stop disrupting his studies.

And with that, the group set off toward Wyvern Tor.

Arriving at the entrance of the cave right as the sun set, it was dark and easy to make out the lone Orc sitting outside by a campfire. Not wanting to sound an alarm, Alyriia, Meushi, and Cassie simultaneously Shot him with an arrow and Cast Fire bolt, leaving him lifeless before he could blink. Ever so Carefully, they maneuver across the open grassland to the entrance. Alyriia dragged the dead corpse out of the light, as everyone else followed close behind. Rahm was able to remove the hide armor from the orc, surprisingly enough, there was not a noticeable amount of fire damage done to the armor.

Sneaking inside

Wyvern Tor, Orcs, Ogre

Wild Magic – Farting Jellyfish Monsters ( Flumphs)

#4 Glasstaff

After leaving Tresendar Manor on the hill, Gribendr wanted to make a show of all the redbrands they were able to unemploy. He gathered up all of the empty red cloaks from all the Redbrands they’d taken out in the Manor, then the group went down to The Sleeping Giant. As Gribendr kicked open the door, shouting threats, expecting to find a tavern full of the ruffians. Instead, when the door was kicked open, Gribendr was met with an almost empty room. A lone figure stood at the far end of the tavern, dressed in a red robe, holding a torch and a staff that appeared to be made of glass. Gribendr immediately presumed this to be the wizard “Glasstaff”, the leader of the Redbrands. The man they have been hunting. Following his gut instinct, Gribendr shouted another threat, accusing him of being Sildar’s missing friend Iarno Albrek. Glasstaff let out a chuckle, ignoring the question instead he told them they had a choice to make. To face-off with him, or to save their friends at the Inn.

Those standing outside the tavern heard a shout down the road, and were able to spot a halfling child burst out of the Inn screaming for help, before quickly being snatched up by a Redbrand and carried back inside.

Threx caught the wizard’s eyes dart to a wet sack with a ripped strap lying on a nearby table. Assuming, it was the same bag removed from the fountain in the Manor Threx shouted this assumption to the group as Alyriia fired an arrow at Glasstaff! Surprising Glasstaff, the wizard dropped the torch he was holding and the spilled barrels of alcohol caught aflame immediately. As the tavern was quickly going up in flames, the fight was on!

Another child, this time human, burst from the Inn’s doors screaming for help before being struck by several knives in his back. Ignoring the screams down the road, Alyriia darted into the burning building, headed straight towards the wet bag, grabbed it, and ran right back out. Everyone else, also ignoring the screams being silenced, attempted to fire shots through the burning building. Then Glasstaff was surrounded by a heavy mist and vanished from sight.

Splitting the group, Alyriia and Rahm, in Bear form, ran around to the back, and began searching for any signs of Glasstaff’s escape. It took them some time, and circles, but finally they were able to find an underground passageway that led from the burning tavern to some nearby brush. An escape route.

The rest of the group turned from the flaming building and rushed towards the shrieks coming from the Stonehill Inn. Sildar was spotted running towards the Inn from the South. Taking on the inn, together, they were able to destroy the Redbrands within. Sildar had to escort a woman outside to keep her from getting killed alongside her son. Dancing above in the rafters was a single, stealthy Redbrand, nearly impossible to target. After several attempts, he was finally knocked down and killed.

When searching his body Gribendr found a jeweled Spider Necklace. Turning to Cassie and Meushi, to identify any magical properties, Alyriia snatched it from Gribendr’s hand. After some questioning looks, she informed everyone that this once belonged to her sister. She told the group that it was stolen from her when the redbrands made an attempt on her own life. There was not much more mentioned on the topic.

Glasstaff had gotten away. The party was, by no means quiet in their discussions of what they would do next when they were approached by Daran Edermath, a local farmer who was one of the men held hostage by the Redbrands. Daran, overhearing the party’s talk of Glasstaff’s escape told them of a few of his friends, traveling prospectors, that had passed through town only a few days ago. His friends had mentioned stopping by Old Owl Well, to the NorthEast of Phandalin, in order to water their horses and refill their waterskins, but they were chased away by a red-robed individual.

The party decided to recuperate overnight and start again at daybreak. With the Innkeeper slain, they turned to his daughter for rooms. Having just watched her family murdered in front of her she was still in shock. Being shown no compassion, she refused to give the adventurers free rooms as her father had. The very deal that drew the Redbrands attention to the Stonehill family in the first place. The group, baffled at the idea of having to pay for rooms, decided it best to find somewhere else to stay for the night.

Returning to Mirna Dendrar and her daughter, outside the burning tavern, Meushi asked if they might be welcome for the night. Meanwhile Gribendr went to Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck asking the same thing. Both were offered shelter for the night.

Before the group split up for the night, Alyriia opened the soaked pouch she had snatched from the burning building, removed a letter, and read it aloud:

Lord Albrek,

My spies tell me that strangers are due to arrive in Phandalin. They could be working for the dwarves. Capture them if you can, kill them if you must, but don’t allow them to upset our plans. See that any dwarven maps in their possession are delivered to Cragmaw Castle with haste. I’m counting on you Iarno. Don’t disappoint me.

The letter found in Iarno’s personal belongings revealed his true goal was to control the town of Phandalin, and put a quick end to anyone looking for Gundren Rockseeker or Wave Echo Cave. The letter also showed that Iarno was linked to the one known as the Black Spider.

After a long nights rest (and leveling up!) they made their way to Barthrens Provisons. Threx and Rahm brought the armaments they looted from the Redbrands base underneath the Manor. After a bit of bartering with Barthen, they agreed upon a price. Alyriia’s negotiations weren’t as effective and they were unable to come to agreeable terms. So she took her wares to the newly re-opened Lionshield Coster, run by Linene Graywind. Linene was unable to offer the price Alyriia was asking for, because she had already paid the party everything she had left in exchange for the location of her store’s supplies, but she was happy to offer store-credit.

The group marched out of town, towards Old Owl Well. They traveled for 2 days when an unnerving “Grrroooot!” was screeched out from nearby as an Owlbear charged them from the brush. After exchanging many blows (from both sides), and Meushi getting a taste of the Wild Magic that surges within her, they were able to slay the monstrosity. The party took a short rest while Rahm and Threx harvested what they could from the Owlbear’s carcass. Threx collected several of its claws, while Rahm was attempted to skin the creature. Is unsteady hands made for a crude cut, but Rahm was happy to attach the feathery hide to the interior of his red cloak.

As the sun was setting they continued onward, and as they crested a low ridge, the crumbling ruins of an old watchtower standing amid the rugged hills could be seen. A place so old that the walls are only mounds of rubble enclosing a courtyard of sorts, adjacent to the broken stump of an old tower. The party had arrived at Old Owl Well.

#3 The "Eye Monster"

They continued north into a narrow hallway, Alyrria listened closely to the door, heard glass breaking. Opened the door to find an empty room with vials inside. Among the stewing and bubbling alchemical devices

Suddenly, Meushi and Gribendr were stabbed and two figures appeared before the group. After killing them the party found several small vials on their bodies containing Mercury, Dragon Bile, and Powdered Nightshade, all ingredients necessary to brew Potions of invisibility. As more glass seemed appear on the ground, telling us that is was likely that potions of invisibility were knocked over in the attack.

Droop told the group that the next room was Glasstaff’s chambers. Alyriia discovered a hidden passageway behind some drapes of scarlet cloth. After going through the passage Alyriia found herself back at the large cavern with the crevasse (and the “Eye Monster”), and this time noticed a fresh trail of footprints.

Following the tracks, while sneaking, around the outside of the cavern. Alyriia led the group down a narrow passageway, Meushi in the rear. Meushi turned for one last look before leaving the cavern, that’s when she was suddenly overwhelmed with the searing pain of her own decaying flesh. As an ugly, twisted creature, covered in spines, with one nasty gnarled green eye lie across the crevasse, whose gaze seemed to pierce her to her very soul. Meushi recalled reading that these aberrations, called a Nothic, were once wizards who dared to unlock magical secrets they couldn’t fathom. Though gifted with strange cosmic insight that allows them to extract knowledge from other creatures. No longer the wizards they once were with no memories of their previous lives.

Rahm, hearing Meushis cry for help, lept off of Threx’s shoulders, running straight towards the beast on the other side of the crevasse. Upon stepping foot on the bridge, the Halfling found himself tumbling downward. Falling into the chasm, as the bridge splintered under even his weight. Down there, he morphed into a large Brown Bear. Gribendr followed Rahms lead, but jumped over gap and landing a heavy blow onto the monster. Threx then finds himself following close behind. As a faint glimmer caught his eye, Rahm explored the chasm below as the group fought above. Wandering further into the crevasse he came across an ancient rotten looking chest. As the Eye Monster descended into the hole, going after Rahm, to protect his treasures. Threx dove down, luckily slaying the creature as he did so. Inside the chest they found several items, including The Long Sword Talon.

Following the curves of the cavern back into the narrow hallway, Alyriia was able to find another hidden passageway, opening up to reveal a large stone cistern. Several Redbrands were also revealed, as if waiting. One after another, they poured out of an adjoining room, but after a long and trying battle the group prospered over the Redbrands. Deciding it best to take a long rest before continuing, they discard the bodies into the fountain and barricaded themselves into the room from whence the Redbrands came.

Hours later, food eaten, and well-rested, the group felt re-energized. Continuing into the basement. This time, upon a narrow passageway. Alyriia was able to detect a false flooring, and carefully navigated her way around it. Carrying a rope across to help everyone else cross safely.

Alyriia scouted the next room alone, spying one Redbrand against the far wall, not paying much attention. After taking several stealthy strides towards the individual however, numerous skeletons lying on the floor animated, and attacked Alyriia. Giving the unsuspecting Redbrand an opportunity to seek out reinforcements. Quickly surrounded, Alyriia was knocked unconscious. It was Droop who, quite unexpectedly ran to her side, pulling one of Rahm’s goodberries from her pocket and shoved it into her mouth. Narrowly avoiding death’s grasp, as she sprang up and out of harms way.

Rahm then burst into the room, changing into a Dire Wolf, knocking a few of the Redbrands aside. And after many blows were exchanged, from both sides, the skeletons lay lifeless once again, with their Redbrand compatriots. To the East was another room, filled with what appeared to be metal jails, holding Mirna Dendrar, the Woodworkers wife, and her daughter. Having nothing left to their name, she offered the whereabouts of an old, valuable family heirloom ( Mirna’s Heirloom) in exchange for their rescue. An emerald necklace in an old ruin of a town called Thundertree that was raized to the ground many years ago. Located to the North of Phandalin. Leading them out, Gribender gathered all of the cloaks of the slain Redbrands and marched towards The Sleeping Giant. Determined to eliminate the Redbrand threat for good.

#2 Out of the Cave, and Into the Basement

We woke the next morning, refreshed and were greeted by the glowing rays of the rising sun. Slowly each member of the party made their way downstairs for breakfast. The common room was basically deserted through breakfast and after finishing the team headed outside.

Almost instantly, as if they had been waiting for us, we were surrounded by a band of Redbrands. They tried to threaten us and told us to leave our things and walk away. However, we decided our possessions would remain our possessions and politely declined the brigands offer. Alyriia demonstrated our kind refusal by stabbing the spokesman, instanly killing him. Threx then expressed his determination by walking toward the approaching mob, and hurling his hand ax into the side of another Redbrand. The Redbrands decided to dispute our decision and drew swords. One lashed out at Threx barely skimming his arm. Gribendr then reached out and smash his warhammer into another brigand. Cassie, being very cautious to not hit her companions, cast a fire bolt, sending it hurling towards the group but just missing. Rahm transformed into a direwolf, then turned toward the mob. He lunged forward and snapped his jaws into a foe, continuing to ravish him with tooth and claw. Alyriia ran to another unsuspecting criminal and stabbed him, leaving him crumpled on the ground. Threx and Rahm quickly dispatched two more, Rahm viciously ripping out the throat of his victim. Alyriia then stabbed the last living foe in the arm. With the Redbrand’s arm useless, Threx decided it best to keep him alive and with a sharp rap to the head rendered him unconscious.

So after vanquishing the band of thugs we left them in the streets as a message. Threx retrieved the bloody cloaks and returned to the Stonehill Inn, cloaks in hand. Toblin looked pleasantly surprised to see his new friends already delivering on their promise to deal with the Redbrands. He sent us to the Townmaster, Harbin Wester. Threx led the way, carrying the Redbrand hostage on his shoulder. Rahm followed behind, jabbing the unconscious man who had stolen his customary seat.

Bursting from the Townmaster’s Hall, a clearly upset Halia Thornton ran into the party. Literally. She offered a reward of 100 gp for the death of the Redbrand leader known as GlassStaff. As Alyriia made careful note of the potential reward the party continued inside. There we found Sildar speaking with the Townmaster. Sildar introduced us as the adventures who would destroy the Redbrands, and promised a 200 gp reward for ridding the town of the evil thugs.

The Townmaster, however, was not so quick to offer a reward. Gribendr attempted to persuade him that the elimination of the Redbrands was surely worth some reward but was instead shown a parchment offering a reward of 100 gp. Not for Redbrands but for the killing of the orcs that harassed the roads by Wyvern Tor. Gribendr was not distracted by the new bounty and was able to bargain with the Townmaster, convincing him to give us a deal that would assure us good prices with all of the merchants and townsfolk. Some of the group, not being as trusting as Gribendr (and believing the Townmaster to be a liar) had him create a contract stating the terms of our agreement.

While waiting on the contract to be drafted, Threx decided to wake up our hostage. Gribendr, being a Dragonborn, stepped in front of the man and menacingly asked him “Where is your leader?” The hostage was quick to answer that the Redbrands were in Tresendar Manor, to the east, in the basement. He explained how they were nothing before GlassStaff showed up. Since he had arrived the Redbrands had essentially taken over the town. But now, Bugbears, under the orders of The Black Spider, had been sent to ensure that the Redbrands stayed in line.

Gribendr asked him about the layout of the Redbrand’s base. The prisoner told us that Glasstaff’s chambers are located in the West, and that the lower complex was guarded by an “eye monster.” Gribendr continued to press about how to enter the manor, and finally received the information that there was a secret entrance to the south, in the forest. When the prisoner mentioned that the Redbrand’s still held townspeople captive in their dungeon Gribendr lost his patience with the man and knocked him unconscious once again.

Saldir the pulled the group aside, and he warned us that only a short few months ago Iarno Albrek, a fellow member of The Lord’s Alliance, came to Phandalin to deal with the Redbrands. The Redbrands were not a serious threat to the town at that time. Iarno had been in town a few days and then disappeared. Around the same time GlassStaff had become known and the Redbrands began to terrorize the town.

The group decided to leave their hostage in the hands of Saldir and head out to the manor to deal with the Redbrand threat. We did make sure to have Harbin Wester sign the contract before we departed the hall, just in case.

Outside, we start towards the woodworker’s house. He was the first person to attempt to stand up to the Redbrands after GlassStaff arrived and he was the first townsman killed by the thugs. As we looked around his home, we hoped to find any clues that might tell us what the Redbrands were after.

Right before entering the house, they hear a locking of doors nearby, They look over to see Linene Graywind closing the doors of The Lionshield Coster for good. They recognize the Blue Lion symbol hanging over the door as the same symbol on the crates and barrels they found previously in Goblin’s cave. Meushi wanders over, to discuss any “finders fee” for the discovery of the stolen goods. Rahm comes over to help, making the conversation very interesting. Linene, having been slightly mislead by Rahm’s tale of what happened, mistakenly believes Rahm’s name to be “Klarg.” She is so overly excited to have found her lost goods, that she wants to tell everyone of Klargs good deeds. Meushi is quick to explain who Klarg is, and Linene quickly apologizes for the confusion. She thanks Rahm, and gives him all her coin, 50 gp, which he splits among the party.

Turning back towards the woodworkers house, they enter cautiously. Looking around, finding nothing of interest on the floor, walls, or even a secret compartment Alyriia was able to point out, they turn to leave. Right above the door they see words carved into the wall “these puppies’ bark was worse than their bite.” Rahm quickly glances one more time at the empty home, to find a nice chunk of mahogany wood he decided to take to carve into a nice pipe.

After coming up empty handed at the woodworkers house, they decide to wait until nightfall to sneak their way into the mansion. The group finds themselves, once again, at the Stonehill Inn enjoying a few more ales, on the house.

Night came quickly, and the group made their way out once again. Discovering a worn path, hidden among the dense forest to the south of the Manor. Following the path they came across an opening in the cliff-side.

Alyriia snuck in first, and was able to glance around, letting everyone know there were three possible routes to take after entering. Everyone decided it best to go left first, then make our way around.

Shortly after entering a narrow hallway, we come across a fork, with a door on either side. Mumbled voices were heard towards the south. Alyriia leaned in to try and hear better, only to make out something yelling “dance.” When she tried to pry the door open just a crack, the hinges let out a crisp creaking, alerting the three Bugbears inside. Thinking quickly, Alyriia lets out an arrow right before Girbendr, Rahm, and Thrax file into the crowded room, startling a small Goblin who wet himself then passed out. Rahm turned into a Direwolf, taking up much of the enclosed space, blocking the entrance. Alyriia spotted something shimmer out of the corner of someone else’s eye. A jeweled eyepatch worn by one of the Bugbears, she quickly enacted the ancient ritual of “dibs.” Meanwhile Cassie was able to squeeze in, next to Rahm, and was able to kill one of the brutes with her Frost Bolt. Slowly but surely, one by one the bugbears were taken down. Leaving one helpless, unconscious, Goblin who smelt of urine, laying in the middle of the room.

It takes a minute, but the Goblin regains consciousness and looks around to see a strange group of characters standing on the corpses of the Bugbears who were, only moments ago, forcing him to dance. Overjoyed seeing the monsters dead on the ground, and with some powerful persuasion by Gribendr, the Goblin introduces himself as Droop and thanks the “unlikely group.”

We see no threat from this goblin, so we boarded up the only door, to rest, and talk with this new found Goblin known as “Droop.” He seems to be almost completely useless with directions, however helpful when naming things, such as an Eye Monster who protects the Dungeon, and where GlassStaff is located.

After feeling refreshed by their short rest, they unboard the door and continue north towards the other doorway. Quickly noticing all of the torches, only a short time ago were lit, were now without even a trace of smoke left on them. Cautiously, Alyriia opens the north doorway. Inside sit a group of Redbrands around a table. Droop, wanting to help his new groupies, insisted he have a weapon. Girbendr lent him a hand ax. Bursting inside, Rahm, once again turning into a direwolf rips out a throat or two, leaving bodies lifeless on the ground. Droop runs in and tried his very best, missing one man, Threx deflecting several blows that certainly would have spelled the end for Droop. Very pleased with his help, Droop then smashed his ax into the head of an already dead victim. Seemingly very proud of his attempts he looked towards the group for approval. The last man standing, looking more dead than alive, one arm across the room, kept alive for questioning. Alyriia pulls her dagger and holds it to his throat, threatening him for answers. The man, with no fear in his eyes, tilted his head forward, slitting his own throat, bleeding out, lifeless on the floor. The Group is left in shock…..

The Forging of Gladius Vindicta
Session 1

In this book reside the tales of mighty heroes who have done much to protect our lands and people. The six companions, known as Gladius Vindicta, have defeated heinous evil, saved the innocent, and ensured that their names will be remembered long after they have passed. The tales collected here represent the recollections of the heroes themselves and the stories told in the towns and cities they owe them so much. Here you will learn about Alyriia bryn’Zaurret, the mysterious Drow rogue and assassin who could hide in the shadow of a broomstick at noon. You will know Gribendr Drvaas, the Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut whose faith could mend the deepest wounds and see the will of the gods in the falling of a bird. You will be amazed by Meushi Zanarei the Tiefling sorcerer who commanded magic so wild it could strike down the deadliest foe or banish herself to another plane. You will be smitten by Cassandra Lockhart the Human sorcerer who’s shy quiet demeanor hid her determination to find the father she lost. You will laugh with Rahm Whisperleaf the Halfling druid whose daring was only exceeded by the trouble it got him in. And you will understand Threx Stoneheart the Dwarf warrior who sacrificed himself again and again to protect his friends and companions.

Fate’s hand is only perceived in the past but clearly the good gods knew what was to come when these stout champions were thrown together in the most unlikely of circumstances. For what else could have brought such a varied group together near the small town of Phandalin.


Gladius Vindicta, though they were not called this yet, had been hired to escort a wagon of goods to Phandalin by Gundren Rockseeker. Gundren and his bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter rode ahead of the wagon in order to reach Phandalin and meet up with Gundren’s brothers.

The new companions traveled down the road sharing some details of their personal histories. Near an outcropping of rock and shrubs the group spotted a gruesome scene of dead horses on the path. They decided to investigate the sight when they were ambushed by several Goblins firing arrows from concealed spots along the side of the path. The heroes were able to quickly defeat the unexpected attackers and were able to investigate the dead animals in the middle of the road. They found a bloodied satchel containing only a scroll bearing the following symbol:

Meushi and Threx recognized the symbol as the Rockseeker Family Crest. Gundren Rockseeker, their employer, was the only person who could have dropped this satchel. With two dead horses in the road it was very likely that Gundren and Sildar Hallwinter had been ambushed as well.

After much debate, it was decided that the group would finish their journey to Phandalin, in hopes that Gundren and Sildar survived the attack and had continued on.

Arriving in Phandalin, Gribendr immediately led the way with Alyriia and Meushi to Barthens Provisions; Cassie, Rahm and Threx stayed on the outskirts of town with the wagon. Gribendr and the others introduced themselves to Elmar Barthen explaining that Gundren had hired them, and seeking knowledge of Gundren and payment for the delivery. Elmar was quick to respond that there would be no payment without Gundren and that he had not seen the dwarf. Gribendr was appalled by Elmar’s implication that they had killed Gundren and stolen the wagon from him. He informed Elmar that he expected a most sincere apology when the group returned with Gundren and Sildar.

Deciding it best to try and find out more information regarding the recent goblin attacks, they made their way towards the Stonehill Inn. Inside they were greeted with a warm meal, and cold ale by Toblin Stonehill. Seemingly desperate, he described a few of the tragic events that have recently taken place in the town. A woodworker, Thel Dendrar, was found murdered by a gang known as the Redbrands, the Shrine keeper, Sister Garaele, had been attacked on a recent travels and the Redbrands were effectively running the town with no one to stand against them. Hearing all of this, the group decided to return to the wagon to inform the others of the ill tidings.

As the rest of the party began back to the wagons Gribendr broke away to inquire further at the Shine. There he meet Sister Garaele, and was told of her quest to seek out a Banshee to the North of Conyberry. She believed that the Banshee, named Agatha would appear before anyone who would flatter her vanity. Sister Garaele presented a silver comb that once belonged to Agatha in life and instructed Gribendr to present the comb to Agatha in exchange for information regarding a long-lost spell book. However Gribendr refused the comb, explaining that he and his companions were already committed to a quest but promising to help at a later date.

Back at the wagons, after much more discussion, the group began their trek back down the road, towards the dead horses they had left behind. They were determined to discover the fate of Gundren and Sildar. The day had been long, and they arrived after the sun had set. Some members of the group were at home in the darkness but Gribendr, Rahm, and Cassie were fumbling around practically blind. Following the lead of Alyriia, Threx, and Meushi they stashed the wagon behind a few shrubs, hiding it from sight, and ventured into the woods. They followed a bloody footpath that left the scene of the ambush and headed deeper into the forest. The Drow, Alyriia, led the way utilizing her stealth and superior night vision. Gribendr, Cassie, and Meushi following close behind her, and Rahm, being small and blind, found it easiest to scamper up on Threx’s shoulders, relying on the Dwarf’s darkvision to see through the darkness.

A short time later, the group found their way to a cave opening. There they were once again attacked by goblins. Alyriia, knowing her group was half blind, cast her Dancing Lights spell upon the goblins, making it much easier for the party to see and defeat them. The party quickly killed two goblins that had been firing arrows into their midst. Gribendr also called down holy flame upon another goblin (some insist it was actually a bush but wise and truthful Gribendr maintains it was a goblin in hiding) and smote it verily.

Trying to maintain as much silence as they could manage Gladius Vindicta waited outside the cave opening, as Alyriia went ahead to see what sort of creatures awaited them inside. She returned a short time later, warning of three chained wolves, just inside the cave. With confidence that they were now prepared the group ventured in. As they entered the cave the wolves immediately began to struggle against their chains and attempt to attack. In quick succession each wolf broke free of its chains and rushed forward. Unfortunately, even with the heads up from Alyriia, the group was unprepared. Meushi was almost instantly knocked unconscious. Acting quickly, Gribendr stepped in between Meushi and the wolves, muttering a quick prayer to Bahamut to preserve Meushi’s life. The wolves continued their vicious attacks inflicting much damage on Gribendr as well. While the others faced the wolves Rahm healed Meushi and then dashed forward to distract their foes. In the end the group prevailed and slew the wolves. Shortly thereafter, a loud booming voice was heard throughout the cavern, cursing the wolves and calling for them to be quiet. Gribendr, grievously wounded had to find his way back to the wagon to further heal.

The rest of the group pushed onward, Alyriia taking the lead searching for any unexpected traps or goblins. She was able to take out several goblins without making any sound or raising an alarm. Towards the back of the caves, the group was finally spotted and a loud “Clang!” of metal striking stone echoed through the cave. Moments later a torrent of water crashed towards the party. Reacting nimbly everyone was able to maintain their footing and no one was harmed, or swept away.

Then another crash of metal on stone and another wave of water swept down through the cave. Rahm, still on Threx’s shoulder, leaped up onto the wall just in time as Threx was swept off his feet and out to the entrance of the cavern. Infuriated, Threx was quick to recover and catch up with the rest of the group. Around the next bend the party found the cause of the flooding. The goblins had broken open a small dam in an attempt to drown the heroes.

Alyriia was first to reach the goblins that had smashed the dam and she gleefully took her revenge with bow and arrow. Two dead goblins later, Gladius Vindicta found themselves at the bottom of a set of steep stone steps. Carefully making their way up the stairs they found an open room at the top. Inside the room, Alyriia was able to see a large, gruesome figure, that called himself Klarg. Entering the room very carefully and quietly, Alyriia shot once before disappearing into the shadows. She moved just in time for Threx to charge through to doorway. Threx, anticipating a fight and already placed his small halfling rider safely on the ground. The battle was excruciating, but the companions finally claimed victory over Klarg, his wolf companion, and the few more goblins that served him.

Rummaging through the room, Alyriia recognized a blue lion printed on several of the crates as property of the Lionshield Coster. She resolved to find someone associated with the Lionshield Coster later and offer the location of the lost crates for a small “finder’s fee.” Along with the crates, Threx discovered a small rustic looking chest with a crude “K” carved hastily into the side. Threx tossed it aside, and Alyriia picked it up. Using a key she found upon Klarg’s dead body she opened it. Finding nothing of value inside she tossed it among the other trash in the room. The group stacked the crates against the entrance of the cave, fortifying the area before taking a well deserved rest. They were not interrupted during the night were able to safely leave the barricaded room in the morning.

Leaving the room stuffed full of stolen goods, they continued down a long curved tunnel into another, well lit cavern. Inside at least six goblins sat waiting, and ready for attack. Threx and Alyriia assessed the situation, made somewhat more difficult with Rahm back on Threx’s shoulder. They saw upon a ledge, about 10ft above the cavern floor, a monstrous looking goblin who dangled a bloody, almost lifeless, Sildar Hallwinter over a sheer cliff. The goblin screeched its bargain for Sildar’s life; in exchange for Sildar, he wanted the head of Klarg.

Threx agreed, and Alyriia and Meushi returned to his lifeless body. Alyriia, probably enjoying it a little too much, swiftly and quite perfectly severed off his gnarly head. Having accomplished their gruesome (yet oddly satisfying) task they returned to the cavern, Klarg’s head in hand. Suddenly and without warning, Rahm lept down in front of Threx, and let out a thunderous wave of energy. The spell seemed to release far too much energy for such a little person but it struck everyone on the ledge above them, including Sildar. The monstrous goblin released his hold and dropped Sildar down the cliff side.

The battle was on! Everyone started at once, running around the side, to reach the top of the cliff, attacking the goblins whenever possible. With his dying breath, the goblin screeched out, “We had a deal!”

After the fight, Rahm managed to revive Sildar, barely returning him to consciousness. Heedless of his injuries the group bombarded him with questions. He was slow to answer, but was eventually able to tell about his lost companion.

Klarg had been given orders to waylay Gundren. Sildar heard from the goblins that the Black Spider sent word that the dwarf was to be brought to him. Sildar had no knowledge of the Black Spider beyond what the goblins had said.

Gundren had a map showing the secret location of Wave Echo Cave, but the goblins took it when they captured him. Sildar believes that Klarg sent the map and the dwarf to King Grol, leader of the Cragmaw tribe, at a place called Cragmaw Castle. Sildar doesn’t know where that might be.

Having rescued the only companion they could find, the group made their way back to Phandalin and Barthen’s Provisions. Elmar grudgingly made the promised payment of 10 gold coins to each traveler for their service in delivering his goods. As the companions prepared to leave Gribendr was called back inside, and Elmar apologized for his earlier accusations. Gribendr graciously accepted, though he had a feeling Elmar simply did not want to lose a potential customer, and returned to his friends.

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