[???] Alyriia bryn'Zaurret


Born a twin daughter of a House Baenre guardsman and a minor priestess of Lolth in Menzoberranzan in the Underdark, Alyriia and her identical twin sister Mayala found their paths early in life. For Mayala, an early dedication to Lolth and a steady rise through the ranks of the clergy; for Alyriia, who had been nimble and strong even as a child, it was martial training. Though she had initially been intended for the House guard, her natural talents at stealth and precision drew the attention of a mentor in House Baenre who would steer her down the dark paths of assassination and espionage. Deception, intimidation, skulking through shadows to track a mark or spy on hidden conversations came to her as naturally as breathing, and it wasn’t long after reaching her majority that she was working for the same House as her parents, albeit in a different, more secretive capacity.

While tracking down an assignment, Alyriia stumbled across treason in the House – and chose poorly in confidantes when she tried to bring it to light to her superiors. Not only did the plot to assassinate a high-ranking House Baenre noble succeed, Alyriia was framed for its execution. When retaliation came, House Baenre forces mistook Mayala for Alyriia, who watched from the shadows as her twin was slain and left for dead in the streets of Menzoberranzan. Though she swore vengeance on her betrayers, Alyriia knew it would be a long time coming – she would need time, not only to hone her skills to their highest level but also to gather the resources and a plan. Not lightly does one assault a member of a noble House, especially in the Underdark.

For a time, she wondered wherever she might find work as an assassin for hire. Her travels eventually took her to the newly-restored town of Phandalin, and stories of the treasures that could be found in the ruins of the old city kept her there. Rather than fight the already-established criminal network, she instead took a contract with the criminals calling themselves the Redbrands, working as an enforcer (a job that usually surprised those she faced off with, given her small stature.) It was fairly lucrative work, and while Alyriia was never going to be content to spend more than a few years with the Redbrands, her time was to be cut short – again by betrayal. An unknown enemy amongst the thieves set her up and convinced Glasstaff – the head of the Redbrands – to have her killed.

Alyriia escaped – barely – with her life and little else besides. Nearly penniless, with only the clothes on her back and the tools of her trade, Alyriia was forced to leave behind even the spider-charm necklace that had been all she had to remember her sister. It was a setback, and not a minor one, adding one more target to her list for revenge along with the vow that she would recover the necklace that likely now was in the hands of whichever Redbrand had set her up.

The time has come for her to get answers. She wants her revenge, and a tip has just come her way that might help: someone named Halia Thornton also has it out for the Redbrands. The problem? Halia lives in Phandalin, which means showing her face in a town full of Redbrands who still want her dead.

[???] Alyriia bryn'Zaurret

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