Druid of Thundertree


Human male, gaunt and white bearded, of 67 years.


Reidoth is a druid originally recommended to the group by Wuelline Alderleaf as someone that might know how to find Cragmaw Castle, as he is said to know “every inch of the land”.

When the party met him in Thundertree they had him mark the location of Cragmaw Castle on their maps.

When they asked him about the location of Wave Echo Cave, he refused to divulge it’s location but offered to guide the party there in exchange for a favor: he wants them to chase off the Dragon Venomfang within the tower on the hill.

He returned to the adventurers with a foreboding warning, of servants of malevolence gathering in the Sumber Hills and spying on the Dessarin Valley. The fanatics seek to unleash destructive power everywhere. And they are further along in their plans than most realize.

4 mighty prophets, all wielding their own key to the door of destruction

An Avariel (winged elves) Queen

who speaks with the voice of another, granting the loyalest of her noble subjects dominion over the clouds themselves.

She surrounds herself with musicians and courtiers to amuse and flatter her. Because she also possesses a violent temper that reveals itself whenever she is denied what she wants.

The disgraced son of a noble

who prefers to petrify his foes with fear, before crushing them to rubble. He is a bitter being who loathes himself and holds everyone around him in contempt.

He suffered a horrible fate and upon being…reborn, he was driven mad.

The only thing that now stirs his loveless soul is refined cruelty. He forces his followers to don monstrous masks, to avoid being outshone by any more attractive individuals. And they remain fanatically loyal to him.

The next was swallowed by the seas.

Upon being spat out, he devoted himself to the ocean, teaching himself its secrets over years of lonely wandering. Despising all other people, remembering only the harsh treatment he suffered at the hands of others.

Retribution is his primary motivator, to make everyone else suffer as he has. Others sense the power flowing through him and follow him out of fear. He is searching for examples of human flotsam and teaching them the raw power of the sea.

through rot and rust
in ashes and dust
with fire and blood
by volcano, tornado, sinkhole, and smoke

they will lay waste to order itself
I’ve seen how this world ends
scorched by oceans
smothered in air
boiled in dirt
drowned in flame

Then the party entered the portal he had opened in the tree, as he stopped the final party member, Alyriia, to inform her of the 4th prophet.

The 4th is a woman whose rough childhood has hardened her heart against others. Seeing the world as a corrupt, painful place and deserving of a fiery end.

Born and raised in a poor woodcutting village, armed with only her cunning intelligence. Whether intentional or not, she tapped into the elemental plane of fire, and began casting fire spells.

Even though she enjoyed the life her parents had given her, she hated the feeling of being trapped in their poverty-stricken village. One night her hatred flowed through to her dreams, as she unconsciously tapped into the elemental plane of fire, and as she slept the walls of her family’s home lit ablaze. With her mother, father, and sister all still asleep in their beds.

Forced to flee her village, after setting numerous other fires. Her actions, and magics often appear to be out of her own control.

Beneath her refined exterior is a steel edge of scoren pride. And underneath her hard pride lies a desire for murder and mayhem. Harboring a fierce hatred for all who think themselves superior to her, and she will stop at nothing to make them see her as a figure to be feared and respected.

She is an extraordinary manipulator. Collecting allies and followers with her wiles, using them as she needs and discarding them the moment they lose their usefulness. She is ambitious above all else, and unless stopped she will become the strongest and most feared of the prophets. She’ll burn the lands to cinder, with the pain and passion that burns within the Tiefling’s fires.


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