[X] Threx Stoneheart


Equipment of Note:
Dwarven Axe Hew


I had a normal dwarven childhood until at the age of eight. My father enrolled me in the military academy for youths, the last thing my father told me was I could come back once I’m a great warrior and hero. That was the last time i saw my family.

I made it to the military academy and was scared and confused, I only wanted to go home. The first day at the military academy a human named Victor Valen walked up to me and talked with me for a about a hour, he was funny and seemed kind hearted. The last thing he told me that day was he would be back after he completed his mission. From that day on every time he came back from his journey we would talk and play. Years later at the age of 18 I joined Victor Valen’s regiment and asked him to buy some black powder because I had ideas for weapons using black powder, soon after that a war started and we fought for four years and I was promoted to a lieutenant and second in command before that happened.

We received orders from the Major to take a town then hold it. In politics the Major and Victor were on opposing sides and Victor was spear heading his side and was gaining momentum. We sent a scout party to check out this town and they never came back. Victor and I went to the Major’s tent and told him about the scout party and he replied with yelling and telling us that if we didn’t leave at day break to go take that town Victor and I both would be charged with treason. We walked back to my tent and Victor told me we should take the treason charges and save the men’s lives because he thinks the town is a trap. At the time I was lawful and had confidence that the regiment would take on anything. Victor and I were like father and son, and Victor wasn’t going to condemn his unwilling son to death by not going tomorrow, because there is a very small chance that he was wrong about the town being a trap.

We barely made it to the edge of town before we were surrounded, we didn’t stand a chance. Victor found me in the battle and told me to get on a horse and run and I replied that I was not going to leave him and the men… Victor knocked me out and threw me on a horse and spanked it’s ass in the direction of our war camp. I was the only survivor of that battle.

I went back to the battlefield and found my friends and Victor dead… I took Victor’s Splint Armor and promised Victor that as long as I’m wearing this armor I would never make the same mistake again. I had two months of service to finish before I was able to leave, so I finished my service and have been wandering town to town taking jobs ever since.

[X] Threx Stoneheart

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