Nettlebee Family

A Family Homestead of the Dessarin Valley


The Nettlebee family (of the Nettlebee Ranch) includes the following people:

Wiggan The Nettlebee patriarch (Male Halfling)
Bertram Wiggan’s only son (Cult Fanatic)
Jayne Bertram’s wife (Commoner)
Watson Bertram’s son, and heir (23 y.o. Scout)
Darrow Bertram’s other son (22 y.o. Commoner)
Elisa Bertram’s only daughter (19 y.o. Commoner)
Ignatius youngest Nettlebee boy (12 y.o.)
  • The Nettlebee patriarch, Wiggan Nettlebee is a miserly, cantankerous misanthrope and bitter widower.
  • Wiggan’s only son, Bertram (a Cult Fanatic), is set in his ways and full of bluster.
  • Bertram’s heir and oldest child, at 23, Watson (a Scout) is brave, honest, and forthright. He takes more after his mother than his father or grandfather, and he’s angry about the mistreatment of the cattle.
  • Just a year younger that Watson, Darrow (a Commoner) is Bertram’s next son. He is good natured, but his grandfather’s bluster over inheritance has him thinking about his future. He might take to the adventures a little to readily for Jayne’s liking.
  • Bertram’s and Jayne’s only daughter, Elisa (a Commoner), is 19. She’s like her mother and very open about disliking her “old goat” of a grandfather.
  • The youngest Nettlebee, at 12, Ignatius is really just a little boy. Everyone (even Wiggan) favors him, so he’s a happy kid, but the fire witch has him so scared that he has night terrors.

Nettlebee Family

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