[GTFO] Meushi Zanarei


A 22 year old Female Tiefling Sorceress.

Meushi is averagely tall, around 5’5 ish, she is a little more slender than average due to mostly living on her own, not caring if she got proper nutrients at the age its important. Her skin is a purple hue, almost pale. Her eyes are golden with the cat like slit to them. With pointy ears, her horns are definitely smaller than most Tieflings, they don’t have any sort of special curve to them. She keeps her long hair in an very messy bun, Its also purple. Her tail is long with the spear tip, all along it has small points, almost like spikes running down to the end. Her attire includes a Cream, Tan almost sleeveless cloak, just enough to cover the shoulders (she learned early on that sleeves really get in the way of fire) that flows down to the ground and has a hood. Her pants are those kinda like the Genies wear, or jasmine, you know baggy and comfy and black, they tuck into a pair of tight almost knee high boots. Her top is more of a Corset like top (because honestly who doesn’t love a good Corset?) it is also black so it kinda fades into to the pants to create a jumper like outfit.

And her right hands palm is completely scarred over

Equipment of Note:
Ring of Protection
Staff of Defense
Wand of Magic Missiles


Everything used to be so different for her. She lived in a tiny, tight knit, village near the woods. She lived there with her family, her parents and her older sister, Vanifer.

One evening she was out wandering around in the woods when she heard a voice. A hushed wisper, calling to her. Calling her by name. Drawing her deeper into the woods.

The next thing she remembered was waking up on the edge of the woods. Thinking it all some strange dream, she returned home not wanting to miss supper. Later that night she went to bed, and had another nightmare. The same voice that had called to her in the woods was speaking to her again. She awoke in a sweat to see her whole house was aflame. She could hardly see through all the smoke, and was barely able to make it out before the blistering flames brought the home down. Once outside she found the whole village trying their hardest to put out the flames before it could spread to the nearby homes. Among the villagers faces, she was unable to find those of her parents nor her sister.

That night, she was the only one to make it out of their home. The village was extremely supportive, and helped her the best they could. Another family, a close friend of her parents, took her in. But it was only a few nights later when she was sitting quietly and all of a sudden a burst of flame came shooting out of her hands, catching the nearby furniture ablaze but quickly spread throughout the room.

Everyone made it out this time, and the villagers were quick to douse the flames. But the tribe/village were not nearly as supportive this time. Despite her screams that she had nothing to do with the fires, the village shunned her seeing her as cursed. She was forced from the village and never turned back.

Thus began her hermitage when she began to live, and survive, in seclusion. In her time apart from the clamor of any society, she found quiet, solitude, and has slowly harnessed a grasp of her powers.

Years after the fires, she’s now returning to the village she once called home. Seeking out those who were once as close to her as a family. Seeking answers, searching for whoever, or whatever put this curse upon her.

[GTFO] Meushi Zanarei

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