[X] Cassandra 'Cassie' Lockhart


Name: Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Lockhart
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Age: 18
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Grayish Blue
Hair: Light Brown w/ less Lilac/Pastel Purple Streaks
Class: Sorceress
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages: Common
Background: Skilled/Academic Magic
Level: 1

Ideals: Love of Nature, Creativity, Honesty, Respect, Spell Gifted

Bonds: Nikolas (her adoptive Sorcerer Father), Keyleth; (more bonds/allies in the future)

Flaws: Haunted Past, Quiet, Gullible, Whimsical

Personality Traits:

-Being judged by some people & peers of Spell-cast class who treats her like a child.
-Very sensitive
-Little awkward & very timid/shy with strangers
-Very difficult to deal with her darkest past after the Warlock upon cursed on her memory.
-Love the nature, which escape her dark life along
-Enjoyed her sweet, child-like personality.

Proficiencies: Wand/Staff, Orb

Weapon: Wand/Staff: casting with natural spells, enchantment, & elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, & Ice) magic sources


If there’s any impression you think of this lovely, pure heart gal who appeared to be a Human Sorceress. Cassandra seems to be a very unique, mysterious, feminine, & whimsical character. Cassandra (her friends called her ‘Cassie’) who also called herself a Summoner for some reason. She is very friendly, but quite a timid, curious, and gentle young lady. As a little girl, her family was mysteriously murdered by the goblins.

Just then, a dark Warlock appears & put a curse on that naive little girl with permanent memory loss. When the Warlock & goblins were vanished, she couldn’t remember anything about her home & biological family. Heartbroken, but confused Cassandra ran off to the woods. Very lost, cold, tired, hungry, and alone. Until one night, Cassandra met a unique, but very kind sorcerer named Nikolas Lockhart. Nikolas rescued Cassandra from the dark woods. He raised Cassandra as his own wonderful, loving daughter.

During her joyful life, Nikolas, her adoptive father, taught Cassandra unique spells and intelligent skills. However, Cassandra still has memory loss & has unknown about her family background- she had a difficult childhood. While she was learning, Cassandra went through some of Nikolas’ classes in order to educate herself with all magic & spells from the Lockhart Academy. Unfortunately, some of her classmates were harassed & taunt her because she looks more naive than others. They treated her like she’s nothing but an unworthy child. Cassandra had no friends at all. It was so painful that she couldn’t take it. So, She ran away. She ran through the woods with dreadful tears.

When Cassandra was alone in the woods, she brokedown. Then, she finally encountered a beautiful, half-elf Druid, with a fun personality, named Keyleth. Keyleth mentioned why Cassandra is alone in the woods. Finally, Keyleth encouraged Cassandra to make her strong & very worthy than she never have that before. Just like that, Keyleth showed Cassandra with her amazing nature-themed magic & wild shape (shape shifting abilities). She promise to Cassandra that Keyleth will give her more encourage & compassion- which it really dears her heart. They’ve finally become friends.

Although, Nikolas was so worried about why Cassandra ran away. Cassandra explained to him what happened. How she ran away because of the classmates who had bullied her. He was upset & disappointed that all of his classmates harassed his own daughter. They finally learned their lesson, so they’re no longer to hurt Cassandra again. So far, Cassandra have taught with so many knowledge, compassion & the secrets of magic by her wonderful adoptive father & her only best friend. Will she be able to make more friends? Is she still worthy enough to be a strong sorceress & have a bright future?

[X] Cassandra 'Cassie' Lockhart

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