[???] Lothar Zoran


When I was very young around 5, I was out cast from our home when the Elders of our community found out that my Elven mother Satele Ambershade (who was part of the main house) had loved and layed with Human musician named Baldur Zoran. They cut off my father’s hands for touching a main house member and killed him for soiling her and threw me to the streets to die. Distraught I tucked my father’s hands into my pockets and dragged his body to a nearby field with a large ancient Oak tree. I buried him with my bare hands as my fingernails tore off and as tears streamed down my face. On a dreary night hiding from the rain under an awning in an alley, seeing a small charred looking mouse come up to me looking for food, Me being alone for so long I gave him what scraps I had and put him in my pocket. We had to beg, borrow, sing, perform and steal to survive.

We lived that way for many years, long enough to see that the town was starting to decay and wither. There seemed to be a darkness taking over and unnatural things… undead things started to lurk around. There came a time when the mouse and I was trapped in an abandoned factory and we were surrounded when the mouse started shining like the noonday sun. He spoke in a booming voice “YOU SHALL NOT HARM THIS ONE”! All the undead were turned to ash. The mouse, still glowing crawled up on my shoulder and whispered to me and said “my name in this form is Sparky and I feel there is a harmony and a flicker of light within you. I want you to do my will and rid the planes of the undead and bring joy to those who have none. I will not judge you for taking from rich and unjust to further our task. Just remember the kindness that you have shown me and the task I have bestowed upon you”. Sparky stopped glowing and I knew what I must do.

I cleansed the city of the undead with my new found powers, I started to look for anything that was of value. I came across the local magic shop and stepped inside, it was dark, gloomy, smelt of damp dust. I cast “Light” and peered around seeing the shop in ruins I whispered to Sparky to see if he could find anything. After 5 minutes Sparky came back and crawled up onto my shoulder and he pointed his nose in the direction and we started walking. I stepped into what looked like a broom closet, and got down on my hands and knees feeling around. With my hands touching the floor boards, I heard a squeak from Sparky and pried the floor board away. Seeing a secret cubbyhole and something wrapped in a ragged cloth. My eyes lit up and went wide as I opened the parcel. It was a dagger… not like any dagger I have seen before! It was a golden blade with emerald inserts along each side of the fuller. But that wasn’t all it had openings down the fuller, paddles on the handle, and a mouth piece built into the guard. I shined it up and pressed the mouth piece to my lips and my fingers on the paddles and holes, I blew into it and an angelic sound boomed as a sound wave swept around me. Cleaning me of all the blood and grime that caked my body, and pushed all the dust out from the building. I can’t explain what is was but I felt a hum, a vibration coming from the object. This was the instrument of which I would cleanse the earth of the undead and bring light to the dark.

After picking the town apart for anything of value, I decided to head to the nearest town that might have been plagued by undeath. Once there I found the tavern and talked to the barkeep asking him to let me entertain the guests for a room and food he agreed and I started to play my Bone Pipes. After a few months of playing at the tavern and making enough coin to buy some clothes, proper supplies and have enough to travel to distant lands and cleanse them as I was commanded. Going from town to town and village to village playing my tunes, and singing my songs. I kept checking the Bars and Inns for news or information of any undead nearby. Sometime I would find the undead and cleanse them sometimes I came up empty.

I did this for 7 decades, till I overheard a group of Dwarves talking about of a group of adventurers called Gladius Vindicta had lost 2 of their friends battling the Zombie hoard in Phandalin. That perked my ear I whispered to Sparky “this could be what we were looking for, a group willing to fight the blight”! Sparky squeaked in agreement. We left within the hour to get there as soon as we could.

Traveling as fast as we could and after many days we reached Phandalin. I asked around looking for the Inn and a nice Cleric Sister Garaele pointed me down the street. Heading toward the direction the Sister pointed me to I found my way to the Inn. As I walk into the building, I could feel a heaviness that I haven’t felt since my Mother died. I whisper to Sparky “time to go to work” as I walk through the door, I pull out my guitar and start a solemn tune…..

[???] Lothar Zoran

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