[???] Katrina Rayie



Katrina Rayie is a beauty to behold. She is the kind of woman that garners the undivided attention of everyone around when she enters a room. She has long auburn hair all the way down her back, a slender yet curvaceous figure. She will use whatever is at her disposal to get the job done. Katrina has travelled much since leaving Dhahad. Katrina is known for her skills as a thief, quick of tongue, and undercover agent.


Katrina was born the daughter of a local apothecary so she was taught to read, write, and take care of the plants in a precise and scientific manner. Around the time of her ninth birthday, her father passed away. Her mother lost the shop soon thereafter and fell deep into debt. Katrina was the answer to all of her mother’s problems though, because she sold the child to one of the local brothels. Life as a prostitute was difficult for Katrina, but she was determined to not let it destroy her. She soon became a very skilled courtesan at the small establishment, this caught the eye of the mistress of the best brothel in the city and so Katrina became the property of Madame Miamya. Madame MiMi as she was known was particularly fond of Katrina and taught her everything she knew not just about skills in the bedroom, but how to be strong, independent, and to have a quick mind. Around the time of her sixteenth year was when Ghazi al Din came to the city. Ghazi was an old friend of Madame MiMi from her old adventuring days. Katrina’s dark olive skin was smooth and unblemished, her eyes dark brown just like most people from Ramil, Ghazi however was very different. His skin was a dark ebony color with tattoos, runes, and scars all over his body. Ghazi was a cold hard man, but he seemed to warm around Madame MiMi only. He didn’t frequent any of the girls at the brothel, he just came to socialize.

One night Katrina had a particularly strange client come calling for her. He was a very lean man of average height with a pockmarked face. He didn’t seem like the type that could afford her rates, but she never questioned Madame MiMi’s judgement. Once in Katrina’s bedroom as she began her entertainment the man attacked her with a dagger that he had somehow managed to get past the guards. He lunged forward to strike her, she dodged by cartwheeling backward. He dashed ahead again trying to burry his blade in her arm, she cartwheeled back again as she placed her hands on the edge of the bed kicking the dagger out of the stunned man’s hand as she swung her legs over her body. Katrina rolled over the bed onto the floor, where she retrieved her pair of curved daggers hidden underneath the frame. As he came crashing into her with his body she spun, eviscerating the attacker and sending him crashing into the wall. The door to the room burst open as two more assailants came storming into the room, Katrina turned and let her daggers fly hitting both men right in the neck dropping them instantly. A few moments passed Katrina just stood half naked in a room with three dead men sent to kill her, when Ghazi and Madame MiMi just casually strolled into the room. “You are right, like usual, she is more than perfect. Clearly she was trained by you.” Ghazi said as he dropped a bag of gold into the Mistresses waiting hand. “She is the best and brightest I have ever taught. I need her out of here before she steals all this away from me.” She smiled as she looked at Katrina with a proud look in her eye. Since that day Katrina has been with Ghazi and his crew taking jobs as they come and duping and conning anyone she pleases. Ghazi gave her a life and taught her the greatest lesson of all. Only the strong survive in the Great Almirrik Desert.

[???] Katrina Rayie

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