[X] Rahm Whisperleaf


As a young one I showed an unusual affinity for nature and the animals that lay within. Growing up in a small hunting village I was exposed to the life and teachings of tracking, killing and dressing of game. We used the furs for clothes and trade, while using the meat for food and bait. We were a simple people, with very little knowledge of magic.

When on a hunting excursion with my father, we came across a rather horrifying site. It had to be a half-dozen human corpses, ripped asunder. We cautiously advanced to investigate the scene. As we bent down to get a closer look… out of the woods came a giant grizzly bear crashing towards us howling and baring its teeth. It lunged at me, father seeing this yelled at the top of his lungs and threw a rock and hit it in the side of its head. The bear turned and let out a blood curdling growl and attacked my father. I saw my father get mauled by the bear, and out of nowhere I felt a warm spark deep down inside me erupt into a roaring wildfire. I scream at the bear to stop before it could land a killing blow… it did… it stopped. I raised my hand and told it to go back to its cubs and leave us in peace. After the bear left from sight I rushed to my father, stabilized him and bandaged him the best I could.

We had a long slow truck back home. When we reached the clearing at the edge of the village one of the watchman saw us and sounded the warning bell. I told the watchman what happened and they took my father to the healer and sent me to the elders. I met with the elders and they said I had a great gift and was destined for so much more as the conversation went on my mind was swimming with illusions of grandeur.

A month had passed, father was on the mend and nothing really of note had happened. Until a band of travelers came to our small part the woods. They were quite different, dressed in furs from creatures I had never seen before, had flowers and twigs in their hair, and emitted a warm aura that was eerily familiar. They stayed for a week or so and in that time I followed them as they went around speaking to those in the inn, trading stories of great hunts in the tavern, and met with the elders (which I wasn’t allowed to listen in). As they packed and said their goodbyes, one of men came to me and told me “we see the heart of nature in you, it burns brighter than the noonday sun in the desert”. I didn’t quite understand what they meant so I asked the man “what do you mean by you SEE the heart of nature in me”? He chuckled and ruffled my hair and said the he was a druid, a follower of nature’s magic. So there was something more for me! I told the man not to leave yet and I ran back home to my father and told him what was said. I told him that I wanted to go and see the world and learn about more creature and to harness the power within. My father said with a wry smile that he had knew this day would come and gave me a fierce hug and sent me on my journey.

After many years traveling with the band of druids I learned so much about nature and the creatures of this land and had earned my right to be called Druid. I set out alone explore, learn even more, and begin my next quest to become an Arch-Druid. I traveled from the high mountains to the savana all while studying the local wildlife. My quest has brought me to the basement of a tavern with a group of trusted friends doing odd jobs to fund my quest to save nature from being twisted and warped from all manner of foul creatures only then I will be an Arch-Druid!

[X] Rahm Whisperleaf

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