Rockseeker Brothers

Dwarven brothers who discovered Wave Echo Cave


Gundren Rockseeker is a Dwarfen merchant. He has two younger brothers, Nundro and Tharden. Together they discovered the entrance to Wave Echo Cave. They planned to explore it and recover its long-lost riches. Intending to one day reopen the mine.

Rockseeker Family Crest:


It was Grudren who hired the adventurers to protect Barthen’s supplies as they traveled along the Triboar Trail to Phandalin.

On his way back to Phandalin, Gundren and his friend Sildar Hallwinter seem to have been ambushed by Goblins and was taken hostage by the Cragmaw Tribe.

Gundren was captured and taken to Cragmaw Castle, along with his map showing the location of Wave Echo Cave. Being held prisoner of the Cragmaw Tribe, at the request of someone called the Black Spider.

Gundren’s brothers are nowhere to be found.

Gundren was rescued by the party in Cragmaw Castle from the Cragmaw Tribe. Upon his rescue he provided the adventurers with the location of Wave Echo Cave.

Tharden’s body was found by the party at the entrance of the Wave Echo Cave with two slashes and a stab wound. Boots of Striding and Springing

Rockseeker Brothers

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