[GTFO] Cognar Daggerbeard

Dwarf Barbarian



Cognar has broad shoulders and a barreled chest. His skin looks like dark tan hide and is hairy all over with deep scars on his chest and arms from combat. His eyes are also that of eagles vibrant gold and seem to pierce right through you. He wears simple black leather breeches and shin high boots with a squared steel cap covering the toes. He occasionally wears a dark leather work apron when he is smithing. He has a leather wrist band on each arm, and currently wearing a father gale knight helm to protect his face. He has a long 3 braid beard that has metal bobbles in it. And, as of recently, he is missing the lower half of his left hand.


I have been working the smithy in Waterdeep for at least 75 years, that was only after I was kicked out of the military for being a little too rowdy and putting a so called “noble” through a tavern window. I was court martialed and imprisoned. They gave me three options, (1) to leave town forever, (2) to be shaven clean and thrown in the stockade, or (3) to join a guild.

So I found my way to the Smith’s Guild. They pointed me in the direction of a Dwarf who could help me channel my rage and fury into purpose. After 25 years I finally became the “First Hammer”. After many years my work began to catch the eyes and ears of travelers, as well as Thurl Merosska, a former Captain of the infamous Griffon Calvary of Waterdeep. He came to me and introduced himself as the Head of an elite society of knights that watch over the Dessarin Valley, as well as presenting his ideas for some form of armor that could provide the wearers with flight.

I could not believe the Human hadn’t heard of me nor my work. So I scoffed at him “just tell your men to flap they’re arms as they fall”. But the Grand Master didn’t like that, and hit me upside the head. Readjusting myself, I told him I could make the armors needed for such an enchantment but I would have to commission the enchantment to be done by the local Mages Guild. He agreed, paying handsomely in advance, and I took my leave to get started. After several years of providing Thurl with various works to his specifications (including one battering ram tipped by an eagle made of steel),

several days ago I received a letter from Thurl mentioning the arrival of a horrid looking Half-elf at the Feathergale Spire who claimed to be cursed by the very armor he bore. Thurl requested my presence, both to inspect the cursed armor with my own eyes, as well as to bring my axe in case the half-elf or his party were more severely affected by the curse than they let on. A brief note was scrawled at the bottom of the page, warning me to beware of cultists in the Valley, and to notify the knight who delivered the letter as soon as I was ready to take flight to the Spire.

Being the First Hammer to Grand Master Smith Hammerhand I had to oblige my dear friend Thurl, so I gather my smith’s tools, my battle gear, and a fresh suit of armor and set off down the trail to the Feathergale Spire.

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[GTFO] Cognar Daggerbeard

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