[GTFO] Gribendr Drvaas

Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut


Name: Gribendr Drvaas
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Age: 25
Height: 6’ 5"
Weight: 252 lbs
Eyes: Yellow
Scales: Dull Metallic Blue
Race: Dragonborn
Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages: Common, Celestial, Draconic
Background: Knight of the Order
Level: 5

Gribendr’s Extras

Items of note:
Longsword Talon


The Tale of Gribendr Drvaas

As long as I can remember I have wanted to live in the service of good and righteousness. From the earliest tales my father shared with me of the heroes who fought against our dragon enslavers, I knew that I was born to work for what is right and good in this world.

The stories I heard often told of the eternal fight between Bahamut and Tiamat. Most dragonborn viewed the eternal struggle as a source of great misery for our people but I knew that the most noble and courageous of our champions had fought to advance the cause of order and light that Bahamut exemplified. As I grew and matured I felt called to the service of Bahamut even though many of my clan and kin had turned their backs on him.

At my first opportunity I began to serve in the Temple of Bahamut. I served humbly from the time I turned five, slowly learning the rituals and rites of the temple. Time passed and I felt the light of Bahamut growing within me. I began to show a great ability for healing and was apprenticed to a cleric of our temple. I followed him as he traveled throughout Faerun learning the healing arts and the fundamentals of combat that would protect me in the world.

In our travels I got to see much of the world and meet many interesting people. I was fascinated to learn of the folk arts that simple people used to protect themselves in the absence of a shrine or temple that would care for them. I learned the utility of a variety of charms, rituals, and herbs that could assist in my work to protect and heal those in need.

When I turned 18, my mentor and friend Rhogar, now into his 60s, conducted my consecration as a cleric of Bahamut and told me of his plan to return to our home temple and take up his rightful role as teacher and guide for young believers. He was weary of the road with its trials and hardships. He was satisfied that I was ready to take his place in the work of Bahamut and continue to spread light and healing to those in need of it.

With sadness, I parted with him to continue my work. For three years, I travelled. I passed through the Dragon Coast, Amn, and Waterdeep. I healed the sick, comforted the dying and told those who would listen of Bahamut’s great fight against the evil in this world. Eventually I returned home to see my old master and tell him of my adventures. When I reached my temple, the home I had known for most of my life it had been destroyed and desecrated. It had clearly happened many months ago but no attempt had been made to repair it. A small cemetery with several rows of markers attested to the fate of my friends.

It was then for the first time that I truly understood the evil against which Bahamut eternally fought. These men and women had been humble servants of the Platinum Dragon but they had been murdered for what little wealth resided in our temple. The evil of this world would strike against any sliver of light and mercy to be found. Before that day, I had been a healer. There and then, I swore that I would become a weapon in the hand of Bahamut. I would dedicate myself to actively fighting the evil in this world and no longer simply try to ease the pain it caused.

As I knelt in prayer before the grave of Rhogar I was seized by a vision. Never in all my years had I experienced anything like this. My mind was aflame and the world around me was lost in a darkness that seemed to defy even the existence of light. Yet in that awful darkness there was one faint point of light. I tried to focus my eyes upon it and it seemed to grow brighter. It called to me and even though I could not move a single muscle I somehow approached it.

In front of me was a pile of refuse and rocks. One small shining piece of metal was visible beneath the filth. I reached down and wiped away the grime and revealed a treasure beyond belief. In my hands I held a sigil of Bahamut. Wrought from white gold and inlaid with priceless sapphire it pulsed with a holiness that felt like the very sun on my face. The face of my god seemed almost alive in this fabulous relic. I began to sing a song of praise and just as it had started my vision suddenly ended. I was again kneeling before Rhogar’s grave, but I knew that Bahamut had seen my anger and my desire for vengeance. He had taken my desire for revenge and turned it into a holy mission. I knew, deep in my soul, that I would again travel the world. This time I would not simply ease the suffering of the afflicted. I would strike back against the darkness. I would search the world for the holy relic revealed to me in my vision. And when I found it, then would I be able to truly serve as a weapon in the right hand of Bahamut, ready to strike out against the creatures of darkness and destruction who preyed upon us all.

I finished my prayers and turned my face toward the sun. Its warmth shone down on me as I took the first step of my true journey. As I was preparing to leave, I saw a group approaching. They were warriors and adventurers by their appearance and approached me boldly. I drew myself up, wary of their intent. A striking woman, tall and strong, called out to me.

“Ho, Dragonborn and well met. Are you a resident of this temple?”

“For years I was but I have been gone for the last three years. I have returned this very day to find my home in ruins and my friends and mentor slain.”

“You have our condolences for your loss, but it may be that your god called you back this day. We have been traveling through this land and heard of the destruction of this temple from the denizens of this region. We came to investigate and punish the evildoers responsible.”

“Indeed, Bahamut surely has guided me to this meeting. If you seek those responsible I will pledge my strength to your search.”

“Come, good Dragonborn, and let us search together.”

So I joined with the band. I traveled with them for nearly a month. Our investigations eventually led us to a cave many leagues from my temple. The creatures responsible for the deaths of my friends (I will not call them men), were worshipers of Tiamat. They had known of my temple and planned for months how best to destroy it. They had hired brigands who would fight beside them for the treasures of the temple but these things and only wished to kill my friends and strike a blow against Bahamut.

I will not linger on our fight. We were prepared and dealt the rough justice that the murderers deserved.

After the cave, I made preparations to leave the band of adventurers. It was then that the tall woman told me the truth of their mission. Her name was Dove Falconhand, and she was on of the Knights of Myth Drannor. She and her companions, Knights also, traveled throughout the Dalelands and among the neighboring territories promoting cooperation and friendship between the peoples, seeking to establish a strong bulwark of civilization against the evils of the world. She was pleased with my valor and honesty and offered me membership in the Knights.

So there I pledged myself to the Order of the Knights of Myth Drannor and carried their mission with me as I began my own travels. I continue to fight against evil and try to bring harmony and friendship among the peoples of Faerun. As I travel the lands of the Sword Coast, I wonder what adventures await me and what friendships or evils I will find.

[GTFO] Gribendr Drvaas

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