Agatha the Banshee

Banshee of the Wood


This once beautiful elf was cursed to become a Banshee when she betrayed her family by giving up the secrets of the Wood to her human lover, a foreigner named Dargind who killed her whole family and her once he had lost his use for her.

Many adventurers seek her out within her Lair, as she is known for her expansive wisdom. However she appears for few and can be openly hostile, having been tricked by mortals in her past.


By following the advice of Sister Garaele, and appealing to Agatha’s vanity, the party managed to gain her favor and so she agreed to answer one question.

The party asked Sister Garaele’s question, about the spellbook belonging to the legendary mage Bowgentle, and Agatha told them that she traded the book a wizard named Rennwick Caradoon more than a hundred years ago. She does not know what became of the book, or the wizard, afterward.

Agatha the Banshee

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