#9 Glasstaff Strikes Back

Alyriia was able to drag Meushi from the burned down building. As she set her on the ground outside, Gribendr and Cassie came over, worried expressions on their faces. Meushi began mumbling, her eyes were fluttering and a strange language came off her tongue. Cassie was able to understand a few of the words she muttered but much was lost. A moment later Meushi gasped for air, as she awoke from unconsciousness.

As this transpired, Rahm and Threx were slowly making their way towards the group with Droop. Rahm, still in the shape of a direwolf smelled something foul in the air. As they met up with everyone else, Rahm looked southward, seeing a figure in a black mask and brown cloak watching them. He instantly warned the group as he rushed towards the masked man. From around the corner of a large building another masked man appeared atop an Allosaurus. Also wearing a black mask he shouted out, “What is your purpose here?” as he watched Rahm closely.

Threx replied “We were here for the dragon. We have no quarrel with you"
The masked man laughed and said, "We are also here for the dragon, to recruit it for Tiamat’s army.”

Gribendr hearing the name Tiamat let out a roar or rage and cried out “Death to Tiamat! Bahamut be with me!” The masked man paused only a moment and lunged towards Rahm.

Before the group was able to join Rahm, the bushes started rustling as Drakes emerged one at a time, charging towards Gribendr, Cassie, Meushi and Alyriia. Everyone was surrounded. As if that wasn’t enough, from within a southern building appeared a very familiar, Red cloaked frame. GlassStaff seemed to relish glancing around at the helpless travelers with a smirk on his face.

Everyone was in shock seeing Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek. That, however, did not allow them a break from the Cultist and drakes which surrounded them. Gribendr called upon his dragon ancestry and breathed lightning towards the Allosaurus striking two of the Drakes along they way seeming to anger more than injure them. Rahm, being attacked by mount and rider, was knocked out of his Direwolf form but quickly transformed himself into a Bear and killed the Cultist atop the Allosaurus .

Droop, showing great courage, took a swipe at the drake attacking Meushi and Cassie. Having lost its master, the Allosaurus saw the tiny goblin and pounced atop him, tearing into his flech. Poor brave Droop was mortally injured! His only hope was to be rescued by his companions before all his lifeblood drained from his mangled body.
Rahm watched Droop fall helpless to intervene. Enraged by the sight he charged, roaring and snarling towards the Allosaurus, dispatching one drake in his fury. The Allosaurus charged towards the bear, responding to the ferocious challenge and leaving Droop crushed on the ground, alone.

Meushi, meanwhile, was able to escape the swarming drakes, hiding in the house where only moments before she had been overcome and rendered unconscious. Before stepping back herself, Cassie was able to conjure a powerful Ray of Frost and sear into one drake, freezing its blood and killing it.

Rahm, still grappling with the Allosaurus was able to sink his claws deep into the beasts side as Cassie cast another Ray of Frost, striking the creature and freezing its massively muscled leg. The Allosaurus, confused by the sensation tried to move only to shatter his own frozen leg. Damaged beyond endurance he fell to the ground, defeated.

Alyriia attacked one drake before hiding herself in the shadows of the large building to the south. She stealthy made her way around the structure and into position behind GlassStaff.
Threx, having bested the enemies around him, charged towards Glasstaff. The wizard began muttering and suddenly Threx froze, no longer able to control his body. Glasstaff, smiling with pleasure at the paralyzed dward, sent three bolts of arcane energy slamming into Threx’s chest.

Alyriia watched GlassStaff attacking her companion (and meat shield) and slowly crept up behind the unsuspecting wizard. Arriving directly behind her foe without his knowlege, she viciously struck him in the back with her dagger, pushing it as far into his flesh as she could manage. Shocked by the sudden burst of agony Glasstaff lost his focus on Threx who was able to break free of the paralysis gripping his body.
Able to move again, Threx charged forward swinging his axe furiously at the damnable wizard’s head. The axe however was deflected by a shimmering haze that had surrounded GlassStaff. The strange haze had simply appeared the instant before the axe fell.

Gribendr, still enraged by the cultists, and the shaken by the appearance of the stupid and cruel drakes rushed down to help Alyriia and Threx. Gribendr had been trying to protect Meushi and Cassie from the beasts but he felt compelled to strike down the wizard who had done so much evil in the last few days. The lone surviving drake thrashed his way behind Gribendr, instinctively attempting to prevent his next meal from fleeing.

As Gribendr approached, Threx took another slash at Glasstaff, who muttered a few more words and then vanished.

He reappeared 30 feet away but had placed himself almost directly in Gribendr’s path. Once again the wizard fired three missiles of arcane energy from his staff. Two impaled Threx who fell to the ground unable to rise. The other struck Alyriia although she was able to shrug off the pain.

Meushi stepped out from her hiding place, and struck the pursuing drake with a bolt of fire but was unable to draw his attention away from the Dragonborn. Rahm, worried for the fallen dwarf ran towards GlassStaff and attempted to wrest the staff from his hands. Clearly GlassStaff was expecting this manuever and Rahm found himself flying through the air, tossed away by the dexterous motions of the wizard.

Alyriia, still intent upon the caster, stooped by Threx and poured a potion of magical healing into his mouth. The magic elixer did its work and Threx regained consciousness an instant later. Paying no heed to his injuries, Threx stood and rushed towards Glasstaff, also attempting to disarm him. He too was tossed aside, unable to wrest control of the weapon.

Following Meushi’s lead Cassie crept down to observe the fighting. When she saw the lone drake again ready to attack Gribendr she sent a ray of concentrated cold towards the drake just missing its head.

In the chaos, Threx was able to slash his axe across Glasstaffs stomach, causing his innards to begin seeping out. Now seriously worried for his life, GlassStaff threw what looked like a sliver of ice between Gribendr and Threx. It exploded in a spray of hundreds of shards of ice, slicing into every inch of the two hero’s exposed flesh. Gribendr stumbled back, trying to regain his composure after the painful blast, but the drake who had been stalking him, lunged forward, sinking its teeth into Gribendr’s leg and pulling him to the ground.

Again Rahm was forced to watch another friend fall in the struggle with the diabolical wizard. Vowing revenge Rahm rushed forward to attack GlassStaff. The mage was just able to turn the strike aside but was now totally focused on the druid.

Alyriia took her opportunity and vanished from sight and as soon as GlassStaff turned to face the onrushing bear. She reappeared, unnoticed behind him, grabbed the staff and deftly swung her legs around the wizards neck. Not giving him a chance to react she threw her weight back and twisted hard with her hips, throw GlassStaff to the ground while she nimbly landed on her feet and back flipped away, staff in hand.

As soon as Alyriia was out of reach, Rahm dove in and ripped out the dazed GlassStaff’s throat. Blood dripping from his jaws he casually tossed the gruesome trophy to Alyriia’s feet. The bear was still enjoying his victory when the drake, forgotten in the melee pounced on him forcing the druid back into his halfling form.

Although Alyriia was clearly displeased by yet another bloody throat splattering blood on her boots, she drew her bow and dispatched drake, saving Rahm. Happy to be alive, but still clearly courting death, the halfling proceeded to carve out the dead drake’s throat, and tossed it in Alyriia’s direction. Suppressing an urge to loose another arrow, she turned and stalked away muttering imprecations under her breath. Rahm proceeded to revive Gribendr who had been seriously wounded by the drake and the companions gathered what useful items they could from the gory remains of this long day.

Threx looked around for his Goblin friend as the fighting came to a close, looking across the recent battlefield, he saw Droop lying on the ground, motionless. Rushing to his side, Rahm close behind, they knelt down beside their fallen comrade. The companions took Droop’s lifeless body and proceeded to dig a small grave in the shadow of a tree near the center of town. Knowing his place in such things, Gribendr pulled forth his Crest of Bahamut and gave a short eulogy.

“Droop, you were a good friend and faithful companion, even though you were born into an evil race. You are a reminder to all of us that we can overcome whatever darkness may reside in our past and walk in the path of honor and true friendship. You will be missed.”

When the group had finished burying their fallen comrade, they returned to the scene of the recent battle and prepared to rest through the night. Rahm attempted to recover the hides of the drakes and particularly the large Allosaurus, with some success. Gribendr however was almost inarticulate and repeatedly stabbed and slashed the giant lizards. Only as exhaustion seemed to come over him did he stumble back into the makeshift barracks, prop himself against the wall and try to sleep.

The night passed without any further interruption and the group prepared to make their way back to Phandalin with the rising of the sun.

Before leaving ThunderTree for good, Meushi entered the burned house once again, searching for anything they may have been untouched by flame. Alyriia entered the house after her, followed by Gribendr. Unsure of what she was hoping to find, Alyriia questioned her intentions. Meushi answered with a simple reply, “this was once my home, it was so long ago, however I was hoping that even through all of these years, there would be something for me here.” Gribendr began searching around, as he came across some crumbled up obsidian, he was able to scoop a small amount of the dust into a bottle he had. Alyriia too helped as she looked under some rubble, she came across a small Owlbear plush. Alyriia held it out for Meushi, looking a little unsure if this was what she would want. Meushi reached for the toy, as a flicker of remembrance spread across her as she grabbed it. “This once belonged to my sister Vanifer, Thank you.” Taking one last look at the remains of the house, they ventured away from Thundertree.

After making camp along the road, they were able to talk for a small while, reminiscing about the Dragon and Druid they only recently left. Meushi asked about the symbol she remember seeing on the now crushed obsidian.


They only recognized the symbol as an ancient symbol for fire. It hadn’t been seen or used in several centuries.

With their minds turning, Gribendr reached into his bag, pulling out a journal as he passed it around. “This is something I had come across many years ago. It has no visible writings in it, nor can you keep any form of writing on it. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas as to what it could be?” Looking the book over thoroughly, no one was able to tell of what magic this book contained. Slowly falling asleep as many questions hovered in their minds.
Alyriia was on watch during the night, when from out of the darkness she heard some low grumbling and shuffling in the distance. Very quietly she was able to wake up Rahm and Threx, sneaking over to the other side of camp she was able to nudge Meushi awake, accidently kicking Gribendr in the process. They slowly walk towards the oncoming group as Alryiia sent faerie fire to light up the adversaries. Being able to see the opponents Meushi pulled out a scroll she had been saving, with one flick of the wrist, she lit up the entire entourage, burning them to ash instantly.

The rest of the night went on, undisturbed.

Finding themselves back in Phandalin they separated to accomplish several tasks.
Alyriia and Gribendr found their way to the Lionshield Coster as they pulled out a set of four goblets along with a solid emerald necklace. Linene, more than happy to do business with her favorite travelers was able to trade for a few healing potions along with some much appreciated gold. Leaving there, Alyriia followed Threx into Phandalins Miners Exchange. Threx rummaged through his pack until he found the letter written ((((I assume this is the same letter Alyriia grabbed from the pouch in the inn GlassStaff burned down?)))) He placed it on the table in front of Halia in hopes to make a barter for some Black Powder. She read over the letter, looking from Threx, Alyriia and the letter a few times before continuing on. Halia went to put the letter in her pocket before Alyriia stopped her, Making herself a copy before giving it up for good. After giving Threx the Black Powder, He inquired about her saving any scrap metal for the next time he would be around, Gladly she agreed, and they both exited the shop.

Meanwhile, Gribendr was already back at the Inn, in the place Elsa normally stood. Overly enthusiastic about his new position, he was eager to try out his favorite hometown drink at the bar. He searched around the bar as he threw together a few simple ingredients before slamming the drink down in front of Meushi. Looking almost horrified at his creation, She slid the drink down to Cassie. Moments later she found another drink sitting right in front of her. Shrugging her shoulders and rolling her eyes, she cheered Cassie as they drank the night away.

Threx anxiously made his way to Elsa after purchasing an expensive bottle of wine from Gribendr. After a little while he was able to persuade Elsa to enjoy the night with him…
Threx was exceptionally strong as he gallantly carried Elsa up to the room, however his performance was quite a bit of fizz and not so much bang.

Cult of the Dragon



Ambush Drake

Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek



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