#16 A Voice from the Past

Noises outside the Inn

Party woken up, along with a new strange face the party hasn’t seen before

to the Town square

Gundren arguing with Sildar. Shoving him, crowd has gathered.
Gribender discharges the situation

As the townsfolk surrounding the argument begin to disperse, Ander (the little boy who works for Barthen) approaches Gribendr and tells him that when the deliveries were being made, one of the men dropped a card, he handed to Gribendr and it was a small image with one word “Gaelkur” written in the middle. Barthen stood nearby.

Scream from the Shrine of Luck!

Alyriia sprints for the doors to see a large green cloak floating before the altar

fires an arrow, and either side of the cloak open up as a pair of spectral figures dart straight towards Alyriia

Gribendr enters the shrine, spies Rahm’s head pinned to the altar by an arrow. Quickly attacked by TWO spectral bodies

Green cloak floats through the wall of the shrine, drops its hood. no head. Lets out a shrill moan.

Alyriia, Cassie, and Lothar drop to the ground unconscious.

Rahm head, arrow, note:
_”You have been nothing but a problem since your arrival to Phandalin. In your arrogance you have slain my Redbrands, gutted the whelp Iarno, and disbanded the tribe of goblins who pledged allegiance to me. Despite all your insubordination, you have my thanks. For in addition to clearing numerous undead from the mine, you have disposed of the Forge’s guardian. And for that I thank you.

As a token of my appreciation I give you this warning: The Dwarf dies at dusk.

Leave him to his fate, or risk your extinction. It matters not to me. But know you don’t stand a chance with your diminished numbers, and never forget that your insolence WILL NOT be forgiven.”_

To the mine with Gundren, Sildar, and newcomer Lothar.

Gundren finds his brother Tharden near the entrance.

Alyriia tells him to return his brother’s body to town, and he agrees under 1 condition: They promise to bring his other brother out of the Mine. Alive or Dead.

to the Forge of Spells



Items back in the flames

Alyriia checks out the 2nd structure within this cavern

Dark whisps of spectral energy rise up from the ground
Alyriia peaces out

back to the Smelting cavern (where the flameskull was)

to the locked door Meushi investigated earlier.

Alyriia hears numerous Bugbear voices on the other side, as she unlocks it. Slowly, gently, she opens it, but it seems to be stuck. Something on the other side of the door stopping it from opening.

Group circles round

Underground lake w/ skeleton

Wand of Magic Missile

To a door, with bugbears inside, Alyriia cracks it open to see many bugbears on the inside, along with a door on the opposite side blocked by all manner of crates, and junk.



More Bugbears than Alyriia thought

Gribendr holding the line, keeping their numbers halted at a choke point.

Cloud of Daggers

Big Bugbear runs to back door and begins throwing the crates aside.

They close the door.

Group tries to open it, being held shut.

Party attacks the door, hitting bugbears holding it shut.

Door finally opens, back door open, big bugbear gone but several bugbears remain.

Fight continues, briefly.

Alyriia takes off out the back to begin tracking the Big Bugbear, the party chasing after her, but not nearly as quick.

South from the Smelting forge room, South from the 3-tiered room where the party fought off all those ghouls, circling around the mine, through the maze of tunnels where the party had slain the Ochre Jellies, and North to the underground lake the party was at only minutes ago, and as the bugbear approaches the room full of his slain bugbear brethren, he continues to run North. Disappearing behind a large pair of wooden doors.

Alyriia makes it to the door before the rest of her party catches up with her. She takes these few moments of silence to press her ear against the door, hearing several voices behind. Bugbears quarreling with each other, and another voice she hasn’t heard since she was in the Underdark. The voice of her old mentor…


Zenkall Zenkall

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