#15 That Sinking Feeling

Forge of Spells
Long Rest
+1 Magic Weapons / Armor
Threx uncomfortable in new armor, re-equips his own Scale-mail
Gribendr’s Owl Familiar scouts the cave
North to a stinking underground lake
bones, slime
Continues through small riverbed passage to a cavern with a bridge. No visible bottom, and 3 Bugbears hanging off of ropes, mining into the far side of the chasm.
Owl flies back
Party heads North
Alyriia scouts their backs, to make sure they’re not being followed, or the like.
Party goes down a flight of stairs, stepping in a thick slime that smells worse than the already pungent smell of decay throughout the mine.
Walking over a pile of bones, begin crossing a dried up aqueduct. Large bones further down the aqueduct.
Threx begins helping people up the other side
Bones begin shifting
crossed channel: in channel: helping down with rope:
Alyriia, Rahm, Cassie || Threx, Meushi || Gribendr

Skeletons rise up
Rahm Brown Bear
Bone Minotaur rises from the larger bones down channel, and charges Threx and Meushi. Threx stands strong with his shield, Meushi goes flying off the edge of the cliff into the lake below
Skeletons dead. Minotaur defeated.
Thunderous echo heard as water rises in cavern. Swallowing up the path the party was walking along, and Cassie, Meushi, and __ feel something wrap around them, and rip them towards the lake.
Threx climbs up the bones of the minotaur to higher ground, so he’s not underwater, weighed down by his heavy armor.
Alyriia, Cassie, Rahm, and ___ Gribendr? all begin feeling a sickening feeling deep in the pits of their stomaches, as their owlbear charms burst releasing an energy from them and they are able to shake off the disease as they continue being pulled underwater by the creature before them.
Threx, SLAMS his battleaxe into the beast a few more times, before pulling out a horn (full of his Boom-powder) and what looked like a glass orb full of a swirling smoke, as he leapt from where he was standing. Slamming into the creature, as the weight of the dwarf, with all his supplies, and his heavy armor/weapons sank them both immediately. The others felt the tentacles gripping them release from the shock of the blow.
Moments later an underwater explosion shook the whole cavern. And the water level receded.
Rahm dove down, pushing himself downward as quick as his halfling body would allow. Deeper and deeper he swam, til he felt his own lungs burning with their need for oxygen. He came to an underwater shelf, leveling off for several feet before continuing downward. Upon that shelf lie the shield of his Dwarven friend.
Rahm grabbed the shield and ascended.

Spending a few moments to recouperate themselves before pressing onward. Their party shy 1 member.
Alyriia stealthed ahead, for the first time in weeks without hearing a clanging of footsteps following closely behind her.
The group continued through the dried up riverbed the owl had come across.
To a bridge, crossing over a bottomless ravine. The 3 bugbears across the way had begun ascending their ropes.
Rahm Giant Spider, climbs under bridge
bugbear cuts the bridge
slams spider into the side
Rahm tries to leap across, but his leap is shy by about 15 feet. As the Giant Spider begins falling
Cassie – Vine Whip
Rahm, struggling to regain his webbing ability, or swim through the air to the wall closest to him.
but continues falling
as the ground comes up on him rapidly.


Zenkall Zenkall

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