#11 King Grol

Upon listening through the door, Alyriia, in an attempt to quietly open it, the door let out a loud screech as it flung open. Revealing a Bugbear, standing over a badly battered Dwarf on the ground. She instantly let loose an arrow, as it sunk into his chest. As the Bugbear approached, Alyriia sidestepped allowing her to see further in the room. From the back of the room there was a wisp of a figure, Alyriia was barely able to make out a Drow woman dashing away right after grabbing what looked to be the remnants of a map with the symbol Rockseeker_Sigil.jpg visible. Alyriia darted around the now battling Bugbear, Rahm, Gribendr, and Threx in hopes of cutting off the mysterious woman. As Alyriia rushed around the corner, she was met with a cluster of Hobgoblins.

Rahm was able to chomp down on the Bugbear, squeezing his way by him in the crowded hallway, allowing Gribendr to slash at the monstrous being. Almost as if planned, just as Gribendr’s sword finished its swipe, Threx was right there to bash the Bugbear right in the face. From behind the collaborative group, a lone Wolf stood over the Dwarven body, snarling at Rahm before taking a lunge towards the Brown Bear.

Around the corner, Meushi and Cassie were making their way towards the ruckus as a woman darted by them. Without a second thought Meushi sent several bursts of energy towards the Drow, as she tore down a cloth, revealing a hidden exit to the outside forest. Almost simultaneously Alyriia appeared around the corner, arrow drawn, followed by a mob of Hobgoblins. Meushi took off after the Drow, leading outside, she attempted to slow her just as Alyriia appeared firing one last shot before the Woman Disappeared for good. Turning back inside, they find Cassie holding off several of the Hobgoblins that were only seconds ago behind Alyriia. Together they slaughter the Hobgoblins in sight.

Threx, seeming to enjoy this confrontation with the Bugbear calling himself “King Grol” let out a taunt “Hey Lady” As the Bugbear turned to face the Dwarf, Threx Slashed down, putting an end to the Bugbear’s reign. About that same time, the Wolf took a juicy chomp into Rahm. Gribendr was able to slash into the Wolf just as he bit down. Angrily spinning around, the Wolf spotted Threx, lunging and clamping down onto the Dwarf. This allowed Gribendr just enough time to help Rahm back on his feet, As Cassie rushed into the room, firing bursts of energy at the snarling wolf.

Back in the other room, Meushi and Alyriia continued their battle with the oncoming Hobgoblins when they heard a loud crash along with blood curdling screams from down the Hall. Bursting from around the corner, a rabid Owlbear approached, ripping apart any Hobgoblin in its path.

After being helped up, Rahm dashed towards the fallen Dwarf. Inspecting the Dwarf, he recognized him as our Employer, Gundren, who had vanished weeks ago. He helped him back to consciousness, as he opened his eyes, “Good God, what took you so long” Rahm replied simply saying, “Dragons, saving the town. If you want to live, come with me!”

As the Owlbear crashed in, he narrowly missed Meushi as Alyriia leapt back, firing at the monstrosity before disappearing behind the, now revealed, exit. Gribendr charged into the room, taking one more strike at the wolf on his path. Threx followed close behind, slamming his shield into the dazed wolf as he slit it open before running by the Owlbear, stealing its attention.

From the other room Rahm, hearing quite a commotion, yelled out, “Are y’all okay out there?” Threx shouted a reply, “There is an OwlBear out here, we wouldn’t mind your help!” Hearing this, Gundrens eyes got wide, “What is happening out there!?” Rahm turned to him with a crazed look, “There be Bugbears in the water” Before he morphed into a Giant Spider, crawled up the wall and onto the ceiling.

Simultaneously Gribendr charged up to the Owlbear, slashing into his chest, as Threx slammed into his side, dancing around him, distracting him. Allowing Cassie and Meushi to fire an eruption of crackling energy, sending the Owlbear to his grave.

Alyriia wandered back to the recently filled room, everyone following close behind. She approached a large wooden Chest in the corner of the room, as she approached it, it burst open sending daggers flying in every direction. Almost inconceivably everyone was able to miss the poison tipped death trap. In frustration, Threx grabbed the wooden chest and smashed it, as it sent the wooden shards, they noticed a large lump lying under the covers in the bed. From the Ceiling, Rahm sent webbing down, grabbing the blanket, and sending it across the room, revealing a pile of Treasure.

Exhausted from the recent events, the group thought it to be in their best interest to board up the room and rest. They grabbed everything, including the corpses lying on the ground, to barricade the doorways, as they all settled down for the evening.

Unfortunately, for everyone except Alyriia, Their rest was cut short by a loud knocking on the barricade. Moments later a Wolf followed by a Goblin burst through the makeshift door. Hearing the other door about to give way, Gribendr ran to the fiery brazier, attempting to push it in the way of the opening. Unfortunately he greatly underestimated the weight nor the temperature of the blazing fire, as he singed his hands. Unable to even budge it. Luckily, Threx, reading his mind, was able to cast a
upon the entrance of the northern door, blocking anyone’s path to enter or exit. Rahm was able to jump a Goblin and rip it open in one foul swoop, Then he scrambled down to join his companions at the southern door. Together they successfully took down every goblin attempting to enter their fortress. Alyriia took a step forward, firing the Goblin Killer towards the last HobGoblin, a Hobgoblin Captain. It pierced through his eye, protruding through his skull, pinning him to the wall behind him.

Giving up on their much needed rest, they headed towards the exit. As Gribendr got distracted by another set of doors, and he entered a large room, followed by Alyriia and Threx. Looking at the statues and symbols around the room, It was easy to tell this once was a Cathedral of some sort. Suddenly, from the ceiling dropped a Grick. A worm-like creature with a beak like mouth surrounded by several tentacles. Attempting to snatch Alyriia up as Threx stepped forward, and in a fury of blows, showed off his strength by taking down this beast without even breaking a sweat, nor a second thought. Unknowing to the danger within, Cassie, Meushi and Gundren entered the room finding the beast dead on the floor. They would forever look at Threx in a new light.

Before running into any more unwanted gremlins, They left the castle and headed back towards Phandalin, with Gundren safe at their side.

Entering the Tavern, everyone seemed overjoyed to see them. However they were so exhaused they just were barely able to make it up to their rooms before passing out.

The next morning they all made their ways downstairs to enjoy a breakfast as Sildar made his was around, giving the well deserved payment for their Cragmaw Castle venture.

Alyriia finally had time to question Gundren about his captors, especially the Drow woman who got away. It was learned that this woman was in fact a Doppelganger.


Zenkall Zenkall

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