#10 Storming the Castle

The next day began early for the weary travelers. The each made their way downstairs to find food and their companions. As usual, Alyriia was awake and alert in the common room. Meushi and Cassie both seemed to be moving rather tenderly and gave Gribendr sour looks as they quietly suffered unfortunate headaches from a night of “Fizzbangs.” As everyone gathered around the far table, Rahm, with incredible grace and near total silence pulled his chair from across the room. For some reason he seemed annoyed by that…

Sildar soon came up to the table to speak with the companions. He offered a reward of 500GP to the group if they could eliminate the Cragmaw goblins that had been plaguing the town. He specifically wanted the leader of the goblins eliminated.

Elsa brought everyone leftovers from last night, honeyed ham and Corn. As Gribendr exclaimed about his new found drink he made earlier for Alyriia. Delighted as he explained his new “Good Lemon Fizz.” While talking, he was able to buy a pack of pepper ((Gribendr picked a peck of pickled peppers)) In hopes of spreading his newly established drink with the world!

Getting back to business, realizing the tremendous task at hand, they saw it best to prepare by gathering a few items before leaving town. Threx eagerly explained his plans for his explosives, Rahm seeming excited about the idea, Joined him on his tasks through the town. Gribendr suggested a stop at the Lion Shield Coster for healing potions, along with other supplies we may see we need. Cassie and Meushi traveled along with Gribendr to the shop, leaving Alyriia to hold down the fort in the Tavern.

Threx had a deal with Halia Thornton last time he saw her, and she was able to gather up some scrap metal she had promised him. Leaving her, Rahm exclaimed about his shiny balls he had in his sack, asking Threx if he would like to use them. As Threx seemed overly eager, showing off the ones he had been traveling with, they quickly found their way to the Smithy. Finding the shop abandoned, they did what any other traveler would do, and broke in. It took them only a few moments before they were able to get the fire roaring, Rahm jumping up and down on the Bellow helping the area to warm up quickly. Laughing like mad scientists, they worked effortlessly, well almost, having a few delays here and there, they were finally able to cork up the masterpiece with the wine cork he bought with Elsa. Their work was done as they made their way back to the Tavern.

Meanwhile, Gribendr, Cassie, and Meushi meandered their way down to the Lion Coster.

In-town errands

  • bartending
  • tavern shenanigans
  • making explosives (Threx & Rahm)
    • Halia Thornton – scrap
    • Firing up the Smithy
    • Putting it all together
  • Shopping
    • Lion Shield Coster (Gribendr, Meushi, Cassie)
      • no Health Potions
    • Barthen’s Provisions
      • 3 Health Potions
      • magic items?
      • boys unloading crates
  • Back to Tavern
    Heading out
  • Going north
  • encounter (2 wolves, 3 hobgoblins, 2 hobgoblin captains)
    Cragmaw Castle
  • Strategizing
  • BOOM!
  • Fighting
  • Fighting
  • Fighting


Zenkall Zenkall

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